How To Destroy The Barricade In Dead Space Remake

How To Destroy The Barricade In Dead Space Remake
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27th Jan 2023 14:59

As part of the Dead Space Chapter 2 quest, you'll need to gain access to the Ishimura Clinic to find the Captain's Rig. There's only one problem – the ward is blocked off by a barricade. Join us as we guide you through this Dead Space chapter and tell you how to get past the barricade and into the ward in Dead Space Remake.

Where To Get The Hydrazine Tank In The Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake: Hydrazine Tank
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Once you make your way through the Cargo Hold to the Medical station, you'll unlock the Pulse Rifle and Kinesis Module on your travels. These will be useful tools as you progress through the medical wards.

Head towards the security station (a central room containing a save station and shop), from here there are rooms to the three different main wards.

Unfortunately, the ward you need to go to has been blocked off with a barricade. To get through and advance the main quest you'll need to explore the other medical wards and collect a Hydrazine Tank and Shock Pad.

To get the Hydrazine Tank, follow these steps:

  • From the central Security Station room, travel to the Diagnostics Wing (marked by a green ribcage above the doors). Follow the hallway around, past the patient banging his head on the glass, and move through to Imaging Diagnostics.
  • Now, use your Kinesis module to move the tube containing a patient to the left side, leaving the walkway free for you to progress. Items such as these which can be moved with Kinesis will have a blue magnet sticker attached to them.
  • There will be a glowing red console on the back wall. To activate the power, use Kinesis to move the power module back into its slot. The power module is on a workbench directly in front of it.
  • Once the power module is inside the panel, re-route the power to the doors. (There is a room left of here marked as 'Diagnostic Technician' containing a workbench if you need to upgrade any gear first).
  • By powering the doors, the consultation Room near the entrance will now be open for exploring. Go back to the console and re-route the power back to the elevator, take this to the upper level.
  • Head towards the Zero-G Therapy room by using the Kinesis module to get across the walkway.
  • Walk through the zero-g section, making sure you keep a steady supply of oxygen.
  • You'll come to a large room. Use your gravity thrust to get across to the maintenance room on the other side.
  • The Hydrazine Tank is on a workbench inside.
  • Make your way back around to the main medical security room. The ship will partially collapse so for the way back, you'll need to use your gravity thrust to float above and through the pipelines room.


Where To Get The Shock Pad In The Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake: Shock Pad
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Follow these steps to get the Shock Pad from the Research Wing:

  • From the central Security Station room, travel to the Research Wing (it will have a microscope icon above the door).
  • Within the Research Wing, navigate to the Main Lab, walk around the upper perimeter until you see a cargo life and take the cargo lift to the lower level.
  • This lower level connects to several other rooms, including Nicole's office if you wish to pick up more story clues.
  • Go to the room marked as the 'Main Lab Changing Room' then continue to the Biological Prosthetics Centre.
  • Continue through the hallway into the main room with the green vats. Take the cargo lift and enter the Sanitary Showers room. Here there is a console. Divert power away from the shock pads to unlock the doors to the Main Lab. Pick up the Shock Pad before continuing back through the Main Lab.
  • Get back to the security room where you can now plant the explosive and clear the barricade, thus clearing the way forward to the morgue and the captain's Rig.

There's everything you need to know about how to destroy the barricade in Dead Space Remake.

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