What Game Engine Does Dead Space Use?

What Game Engine Does Dead Space Use?
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Joshua Boyles


25th Jan 2023 12:28

If you're marvelling at just how gorgeous the new Dead Space remake looks, you might be wondering which game engine it was built using. Game engines are the building blocks that developers use to create their video game masterpieces, and Dead Space is no exception.

However, to make the new version of Dead Space look as impressive as it does, developer Motive had to use a different game engine to the original. Keep reading to learn more about the engine that Dead Space uses.

Dead Space Engine: What Is It?

Dead Space Game Engine
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Players may not know this, but the original Dead Space game was actually built with the same engine as Tiger Woods PGA Tour. As reported by PC Gamer, Tiger Woods PGA Tour was originally developed in the same studio as Dead Space over at Visceral Games. This explains why the two games shared the same engine.

Times have changed in 2023, though. Developer Motive has used the infamous Frostbite engine to bring Dead Space to life. If that name rings a bell, it's because it's the same engine that EA has been using to develop many of its big titles from the last decade.

Frostbite was originally created in-house at DICE, the studio behind the Battlefield shooter series. While it was initially built to host the iconic first-person shooter franchise, it has been adapted to create other games such as Need For Speed, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Star Wars Battlefront.

If there's anything that these games have in common, it's that they're all drop-dead gorgeous to look at. From our limited look at Dead Space so far, it looks like the newest rendition is set to live up to that expectation. With completely overhauled lighting, walking through the corridors of the USG Ishimura is set to be as terrifying as ever.

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