Cult Of The Lamb: How To Move Buildings

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Move Buildings
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17th Aug 2022 15:18

You may need to know how to move buildings in Cult of the Lamb if your commune is starting to look a bit disorganised, or if you think you can make better use of the space available to you. As your commune grows in Cult of the Lamb and more followers join the cult, you will have the chance to build and upgrade more buildings, but it's worth knowing how to switch things around when you have to. So check out our Cult of the Lamb, how to move buildings guide. 

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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Move Buildings

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Move Buildings
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Moving buildings in Cult of the Lamb is as easy as interacting with a menu and then dragging certain buildings around to new positions, but there are still some caveats to know about. Firstly, not all buildings can be moved, such as the shrine or the construction building which will always remain where they are found. You also can't edit the locations of buildings right away, and there are some mysterious criteria that need to be met.


No one is exactly sure what the criteria are, but it seems you need to unlock some new building types before you are allowed to move them around. For most players, this happens once they build a farm or several sleeping bags, but once you have the option, it's unlocked for the rest of the game. 

To begin moving around buildings, you will need to head over to your construction building. Opening the menu here will obviously give you the option to construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones, but at the bottom of the menu there is an option called "edit buildings." Selecting this will put you into a new editing mode where you can see the tiles across the commune ground, and freely move buildings.

Just select a building, and you will have the option to move it or remove it from the base. At the start of the game, you don't need to worry too much about the locations of buildings, but as you progress further and need to build more, it's worth spending some time to move things around. 

That's all for our explainer of how to move buildings in Cult of the Lamb, and now you should be able to freely edit your base so you can introduce more buildings or make it look cleaner.

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