Cult Of The Lamb Faith: How To Raise

Cult Of The Lamb Faith: How To Raise
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15th Aug 2022 11:48

Your Cult of the Lamb Faith level is one of the most important aspects of the game, as it dictates the total trust that your flock have in you, and directly affects the stability of the cult. Cult of the Lamb is a cult simulator first and foremost, so building up your cult, recruiting new followers, and slaying heretics is a massive part of the experience, but during all of this you will need to manage your overall Faith level. So check out how exactly the Cult of the Lamb Faith system works, along with the numerous ways you can improve Faith. 

Cult Of The Lamb Faith: How to Raise Faith

Cult Of The Lamb Faith: How to Raise Faith
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The overall Faith of your flock is represented by a symbol of two hands praying, which can be found on the top left of the screen when you are in your commune. Keeping your Faith high will ensure that your followers are total believers in your cult and do everything you say, while a low Faith level can lead to some followers dissenting and spreading doubt about the cult. Losing all your Faith is essentially a game over, but there are many ways to keep your Faith from falling and ensuring you stay in power.


One of the simplest ways to gain Faith from all your followers is the blessing interaction. If you interact with a follower and bless them, you will earn five Faith and increase their loyalty toward you, while also increasing their Cult of the Lamb Devotion output. You will need to do this to all your followers, so it can take a while when your commune begins to swell with followers, but it's worth keeping up with. 

Performing sermons in your temple every day will also raise the overall Faith level of your cult, and performing rituals that specifically boost Faith as much as you can is a good idea. The Cult of the Lamb Doctrines system allows you to learn several rituals which are good for boosting Faith, and can even give followers traits, such as the Cannibalism trait which earns you Faith whenever followers eat another follower. 

Generally providing your followers with food and good quality beds will also stop their Faith from faltering, and gifts are a good way to keep certain followers loyal. Gifts can be found during dungeon runs, and once you return to the commune, interacting with a follower will allow you to gift them whatever you've found.

Lastly, another surefire way of boosting Faith with followers is accepting follower quests. Sometimes a follower will approach with a quest, often requiring you to collect some resources, and you can accept or refuse. Refusing will lose you 35 Faith, so it's always worth taking on the quest. 

That's all for our breakdown of Cult of the Lamb Faith, and now you know some of the ways to boost Faith amongst your flock.

We also have a breakdown of the Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards system, including how to find them, and what each one does. 

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