Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards: Full List And How To Get

Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards: Full List And How To Get
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11th Aug 2022 17:33

The Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards are buffs that you can equip to help you during your adventures through the game's dungeons, making the process of culling heretics easier. While a big part of Cult of the Lamb is building up your commune, you will spend a lot of time exploring various dungeons to gather resources and defeat the big bosses that threaten your cultist ways. Any bonuses you can acquire will make these crusades much easier, so check out how to earn Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards, and what each one does. 

Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards: How To Get

Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards How To Earn
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As you go through dungeons, you will sometimes run into a character called Clauneck, the Tarot Card reader, who gives you the chance to choose a card from a selection of two. You can also purchase an additional card from him later in the game, and sometimes you have a chance at getting a Tarot Card from a chest. 


The selection you can choose from Clauneck is based on the Tarot Cards in your collection. At the beginning of the game, you have some Tarot Cards unlocked, but to get more you will need to purchase them from the store that pops up in dungeons, or by completing quests given to you by various NPCs. 

You only keep your Tarot Cards for the run you are in, so once you die or finish it, you will return to the commune without them, meaning you'll need to acquire them again during your next adventure.

Cult Of The Lamb Tarot Cards List 

There are a total of 36 Tarot Cards in the game right now, all providing different bonuses that you can make use of when spreading your religion by the sword. Check out the table below for a list of the ones we have discovered so far, including their name and effects.

Tarot Card Effect
The Heart I Gain an additional half a heart of health
The Heart II Gain an additional heart of health
The Hearts III Gain an additional two hearts of health
The Lovers I Gain an additional shield heart
The Lovers II Gain an additional two shield hearts
True Sight  10% chance to deal a critical hit
Telescope Reveals the map
Diseased Heart Damages everything on the screen when you are hit
The Arachnid Deals poison damage when you hit enemies 
Divine Strength Attack rate is increased by 1.25x
Master of the Art Overall weapon damage is increased by 1.2x
Fervour's Harvest Enemies drop 2x more Favour
Shield of Faith When attacked, you have a 10% chance to negate the damage
Divine Curse Curses consume 25% less Fervour
Fortune's Blessing Receive double the health when healing
Death's Door When you reach half a heart of health, all enemies on the screen will receive two damage
Rabbit's Foot Increases the chance to spawn better chests
Gift From Below When killing an enemy, you have a 10% chance to earn a shield heart
Weeping Moon You deal 30% more damage during the night
The Path Increase your movement speed by 1.25x
Blazing Trail Rolling into an enemy will damage them
Neptune's Curse Enemies have a chance to drop fish


That's all for our explanation of the Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards, and now you know what they do, how to get them, and what the full list of cards is.

You may also want to know how to heal in Cult of the Lamb, so you can keep you and your flock alive. 

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