Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get An Eye Of Witness

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get An Eye Of Witness
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You'll need to learn how to get an Eye of Witness in Cult of the Lamb, as it's one of the key quests that you will complete over the course of the game. Cult of the Lamb lets you build your own cult out in the woods and rule it through your own choices, but you can also take on quests from NPCs or your own followers. Finding an Eye of Witness is one of the tougher quest requirements, so check out our Cult of the Lamb how to get an Eye of Witness breakdown. 

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get An Eye Of Witness

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get An Eye Of Witness
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After playing the game for a little while and gaining access to Smuggler's Sanctuary, you will be able to talk to an NPC called Plimbo, who is a rather recognisable insect wearing a trench coat. Speaking to him will result in you getting the Eye of Witness quest, which requires you to collect an Eye of Witness and bring it back to Plimbo. You're not given much direction with this quest though, so many players are stuck afterwards wondering how to obtain one.


Getting an Eye of Witness requires a bit of backtracking to some previously visited dungeons. If you have killed the Bishop in a specific dungeon and already killed the boss once before, returning for a second run and defeating the boss again will reward with an Eye of Witness. It's worth stocking up and getting some upgrades for this, as the second run of a dungeon is more difficult than the first due to harder versions of enemies. 

Once you have defeated one of the bosses and gained the Eye of Witness, you can head back to Smuggler's Santuary and hand it in to Plimbo. This will complete the quest and he will hand over a Holy Talisman Shard, which can be used in your church to upgrade your Cult of the Lamb Fleece.

It's also worth noting you can repeat this process for different dungeons to bring back more Eyes of Witness to Plimbo and earn a total of four Holy Talisman Shards. 

That's all for our explainer of how to get an Eye of Witness in Cult of the Lamb, and now you should be able to complete the quest for Plimbo and upgrade your Fleece with the Holy Talisman Shard. 

We also have a breakdown of the Cult of the Lamb Devotion system, including how you can increase it to build your cult. 

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