Cult Of The Lamb Gold: How To Farm

Cult Of The Lamb Gold: How To Farm
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12th Aug 2022 14:02

Cult of the Lamb Gold is one of the most important resources in the game, as it acts as your primary currency for purchasing items from the shop, and is used when making some structures for your home commune. You'll come across Gold quite early into Cult of the Lamb, and throughout the game you will continually build your reserves, but you may also want to know how to farm it to your benefit. So read on for our Cult of the Lamb Gold farm breakdown, which covers the best methods of ensuring you never run out of currency. 

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Cult Of The Lamb Gold Farm

Cult Of The Lamb Gold Farm
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One of the major aspects of Cult of the Lamb is the dungeon runs, where the player travels through somewhat procedurally generated rooms to kill enemies, talk to NPCs, and try to kill the big boss at the end. This is the main way of acquiring gold, as every time you clear a room, a chest will spawn with various rewards, mostly consisting of Gold. These chests will also produce more Gold as you progress further into the game. 

While you can earn a generous amount of Gold from the chests that spawn, the big bucks come after killing bosses, as these chests are guaranteed to come with a tonne of Gold. Bosses can also be repeated after you've slain them for the first time, allowing you to return and earn even more Gold. Making use of these is key to keeping your Gold reserves high, and combined with the Rabbit's Foot Tarot Card - which increases the amount of Gold you can get - you will have more than enough. 


Farming completed bosses is the best way to consistently earn Gold, but you can also gain a fair amount by selling resources earned from crusade runs. Smelting Gold Nuggets is another solid option. These can be gained by defeating bosses, as you're given a choice of resources to take. With the Gold Nuggets, you can then smelt them down in the Refinery back in your commune, converting them into Gold coins for you to spend freely. 

That's all for our breakdown of Cult of the Lamb Gold, and now you know what purpose it serves, and how to best farm it during dungeon runs. 

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