Cult Of The Lamb Fleece: Types, How To Upgrade And More

Cult Of The Lamb Fleece: Types, How To Upgrade And More
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12th Aug 2022 13:58

The Cult of the Lamb Fleece acts as your character's armour, and on top of looking cool, it can be upgraded into different versions that come with bonuses and drawbacks that add a new dimension to the crusade runs. Cult of the Lamb is split between a base-building cult simulator and a hack 'n' slash roguelike where you cull heretics. The latter part of the experience is where your Fleece really comes in handy, so take a look at our primer on the Cult of the Lamb Fleece, including all the types, and the best one to use. 

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Cult Of The Lamb Fleece: How To Upgrade

Cult Of The Lamb Fleece: How To Upgrade Fleeces
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You start the game with the most basic type of Fleece, which comes with zero buffs, but also no drawbacks. Within a few hours of playing, you should have the chance to upgrade your Fleece, which costs four Holy Talisman pieces. Holy Talismans can be earned by completing quests for NPCs that you come across during your crusades, and sometimes you'll have the chance to purchase them. 

Once you have collected four Holy Talismans, return to your church in your commune, and you will be able to interact with it. There will be an option called 'Crown' that brings up a menu for the different Fleeces that can be purchased. Just select the one you want, and then you can equip it for its benefits during your next crusade run. 


Cult Of The Lamb Fleece Types

Cult Of The Lamb Fleece Types
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There are five different types of Fleeces that you can upgrade to. Like we said previously, each one has a benefit and a drawback, so you should select which one you want carefully and keep in mind the type of playstyle you are going for. Below are the different Fleeces are their effects:

  • Golden Fleece - Damage dealt increases after each kill, but resets when hit, and you take double damage. 
  • Fleece of the Glass Cannon - Curses deal double damage and cost half the Fervour, but melee weapon damage and health are halved. 
  • Fleece of the Diseased Heart - Get a diseased heart every time a Cult of the Lamb Tarot Card is drawn, but 100% of items will be lost if killed.
  • Fleece of the Fates - Draw four Tarot Cards at the start of a run, but none can be drawn after.
  • Fleece of Fragile Fortitude - All hearts will be replaced by 1.5x the amount of blue hearts. 

Cult Of The Lamb Best Fleece

There's a good argument to be made that the default Fleece is the best one due to the lack of a drawback, and if you utilise Tarot Card buffs correctly, you'll still be powerful enough to take on enemies during your crusades easily. 

Fleece of the Glass Cannon is a powerful choice for players who prioritise their curses, and have the ability to dodge consistently. With Tarot Cards that buff your speed and health, you can also negate most of the drawbacks of the card by zipping around the combat arenas, and tanking attacks despite the double damage you receive. 

That's all for our explainer of the Cult of the Lamb Fleece, and now you know all the different Fleece effects, along with how to earn them with Holy Talismans. 

Our Cult of the Lamb how to heal guide covers how to keep you and your flock in top-shape. 

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