Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Snail Shells

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Snail Shells
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15th Aug 2022 10:26

You should take a look at how to get Snail Shells in Cult of the Lamb, as they are rare collectables that you can hunt down to gain access to the exclusive snail follower skin, making your commune look a little more unique. Cult of the Lamb allows you to recruit a lot of followers into your cult, and many of them have different animal skins, such as wolves, fish, cows, and much more. So take a look at our Cult of the Lamb how to get Snail Shells guide, which covers how to hunt down these elusive collectables. 

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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Snail Shells

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Snail Shells
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The Snail Shells are rare collectibles, and there is a lot of randomness associated with finding them that makes them elusive to most players during their playthrough. To gain Snail Shells, you will need to find and defeat small green snail enemies that can be found in Darkwood or Anura during your crusade runs. These snails don't spawn very often, and even if you kill them, you are not guaranteed to get a Snail Shell drop.


The best bet at finding the snails is to just consistently repeat crusades in these dungeons and destroy all the grass and objects on the screen, as they can be sometimes hide in them. You will need to collect a total of five Snail Shells, and this will likely take you a while unless lady luck is on your side.

Once you have collected five different Snail Shells, you will need to explore some of the areas outside of dungeon runs to find five snail statues. The snail statues are located in the Lonely Shack, Pilgrim's Passage, Spore Grotto, Smuggler's Sanctuary, and Midas's Cave, and can be found along the edges of these locations, hidden in the scenery.

Just approach them, and you will be prompted to make an offering. Once you have offered Snail Shells to all five statues, the snail follower skin will be yours, and your flock will be a touch more diverse. 

That's our primer on how to get Snail Shells in Cult of the Lamb, and now you should have a slightly easier time of collecting the shells for the snail follower skin. 

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