Cult Of The Lamb Achievements List

Cult Of The Lamb Achievements List
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17th Aug 2022 10:21

The Cult of the Lamb achievements list contains a total of 37 achievements for players to seek out over the course of their playthrough, and while many of them can be gained just by playing, you will have to go out of your way for some of the rest. Cult of the Lamb combines cult simulation and roguelike dungeon delving into one heathen-filled package, meaning there is a lot to do in your playthrough. So check out the full Cult of the Lamb achievements list, and see what it takes to 100% the game. 

Cult Of The Lamb Achievements List 

Cult Of The Lamb Achievements List
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There are a total of 37 achievements in Cult of the Lamb, ranging from story achievements, to secret achievements that require you to do specific tasks like beating bosses without taking damage. You'll have to put some work in to earn all the achievements, but knowing the criteria for each one will make it way easier. Here are the Cult of the Lamb achievements:

First Follower - The first devotee to the Cult of the Lamb

Deal with the Devil - A deal cannot be undone

Preacher of Truth - Let the Word be known 

The First Death - Salvation awaits the fallen soul

Death to Non-Believers - Defeat the first mini-boss

The Flock Grows - Gain 5 followers

Flock of Many - Gain 10 followers

Flock of All - Gain 20 followers

See No Evil - Defeat Leshy

Speak No Evil - Defeat Heket


Hear No Evil - Defeat Kallamar

Think No Evil - Defeat Shamura

Do No Evil - Defeat The One Who Waits

Order - Beat Leshy without taking damage

Sate - Beat Heket without taking damage

Cure - Beat Kallamar without taking damage

Peace - Beat Shamura without taking damage

Keeper of Secrets - Take confession

Leader of the Crusade - Find all 5 locations

Bringer of Light - Reignite the lighthouse

Full Flock - Unlock all follower skins

Full Deck - Unlock all Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards

Teach a Lamb to Fish - Catch 1 of every fish

Crosser of Thresholds - A new world awaits

Sacrificial Beast - Sacrifice a follower

Weigher of Souls - Sacrifice 20 followers

Hoarder of Wealth - Have 666 gold coins

Weapons of Plenty - Unlock all weapons

Curses of Plenty - Unlock all curses

Devotion - Full upgrade cult

Transform - Unlock a new Cult of the Lamb Fleece

Transmute - Unlock all Fleeces

Cannibal - Cook a follower meat meal

Gospel - Unlock all sermon upgrades

Game of Chance - Win a game of Knucklebones

Master of Chance - Defeat all opponents in Knucklebones

Godhood - No longer a servant, no less than a God

That's the full Cult of the Lamb achievement list, and now you know what you need to do to gain 100% completion. 

We also have a breakdown of all the Cult of the Lamb recipes, so you can learn how to make a meal out of follower meat for the Cannibal achievement. 

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