Cult Of The Lamb: How To Farm Devotion

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Farm Devotion
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11th Aug 2022 16:23

Learning how to farm Devotion in Cult of the Lamb is vital for growing your cult, as it's the main way of earning Divine Inspiration and building new structures. A large part of Cult of the Lamb involves you growing your flock of followers and also upgrading your home commune to make yourself and your religion more powerful. Power through theological manipulation is the name of the game here, so read on for our Cult of the Lamb how to farm Devotion guide, which covers the most efficient method of gathering the vital resource. 

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Farm Devotion

Cult Of The Lamb How To Farm Devotion
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In Cult of the Lamb, Devotion is a resource that builds up from your followers, and when it hits its maximum you will earn Divine Inspiration, a currency used to construct new buildings for your home commune. Improving your commune is key to becoming more powerful, so it's important to learn how to efficiently farm Devotion throughout the game.


One of the main ways of earning Devotion is from your flock worshipping at the shrine in the centre of the home commune. You can either instruct them to worship, or they will do it automatically if there is nothing else for them to do in the commune, so a key way of earning more Devotion is ensuring you have as many followers as possible worshipping.

You can also increase the amount of Devotion they generate by interacting with them and blessing them every day. In addition, increasing your cult level will upgrade your shrine, letting followers gain more worshipping. 

Over the course of the game, you will also unlock new structures to build which will present more opportunities to generate Devotion, or improve the amount you gain from your followers worshipping. Grabbing these structures is key to farming tonnes of Devotion in the mid-to-late game. The Tabernacle is another shrine you can build for your followers to worship at, the Shrine Flame Bundle is an upgrade that makes your followers deposit Devotion quicker, and the Grand Shelter allows you to gather Devotion while your followers sleep. 

That's all for our Cult of the Lamb how to farm Devotion guide, and now you know the best ways to improve your Devotion farming capabilities, so you can upgrade your base more frequently.  

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