Origin Forme Palkia best moveset in Pokemon GO & is Spacial Rend good?

Origin Forme Palkia best moveset in Pokemon GO & is Spacial Rend good?
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Ben Williams


23rd Feb 2024 13:10


The best moveset for Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO - along with whether its signature move Spacial Rend is any good - has been on my mind since the announcement of their debut in the GO Tour: Sinnoh event.

So, following the reveal, I've gone through everything there is to know about Palkia's new form and am ready to fill you in on exactly what the Legendary and its special attack are capable of. 

Best Origin Forme Palkia moveset

The best moveset for Origin Forme Palkia moveset is Dragon Tail as its Fast Move and Spacial Rend as its Charge move

However, if you only have access to Dragon Breath available as a Fast Move, I'd say that works just fine too for your Palkia build. Although Dragon Tail has a much higher base power of 15 compared to Dragon Breath's 6, the former's higher damage window and cooldown means it only inflicts a slightly higher amount of damage per second altogether: 13.64 vs the latter's 12. 

With Origin Forme Palkia already topping PvPoke's Master League ranking no matter which moves have been used, you shouldn't worry if you haven't got any TMs to change your Fast Move.

Is Spacial Rend any good in Pokemon GO?

Spacial Rend is by far Origin Forme Palkia's most powerful attack in Pokemon GO.

Key art with Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO, which can use Spacial Rend
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There are plenty of alternative Charge Moves you can add to your Palkia build if you're strategising for a certain opponent, though, from Aqua Tail to Fire Blast, and Hydro Pump.

But Spacial Rend also boasts a higher base power, damage per second, and even a lower cooldown compared to its other Dragon-type Charge Move, Draco Meteor.  

Combined with its higher Attack stat than base-Palkia, using the Origin Forme Legendary with Spacial Rend is the ultimate new way to go if you're after a STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) powerhouse to take on the most deadly Dragon-types in PvP. 

Adventure Effect of Spacial Rend

Spacial Rend's uses in Pokemon GO don't just end in battle, but also in the way you play as well; being one of the first Adventure Effects in the game, this move will also increase the range of which you encounter wild Pokemon on the map. 

For the price of 5000 Stardust and five Palkia Candy, you'll be able to encounter Pokemon from a wider range on your map for six minutes at a time.

Helping you find more Pokemon during map-centric events like the Spotlight Hours and Community Days, the Spacial Rend Adventure Effect makes Origin Forme Palkia essential for your team both in and outside of battle.

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