Apex Legends Season 16 Map Rotation

Apex Legends Season 16 Map Rotation
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Joshua Boyles


14th Feb 2023 14:21

A lot is changing in Apex Legends Season 16, not least of which is the new map rotation system. Previously, Apex Legends players could happily settle down with the same map for weeks on end until they saw a Season Split. However, that's all set to change in Season 16. Keep reading to learn more about the Apex Legends Season 16 map rotation.

Apex Legends Season 16 Map Rotation: What's New?

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Going into Apex Legends Season 16, players will notice that maps now rotate on a 24-hour basis. Once a day, the playable map in both casual and ranked modes will change between one of three on the rotation list.

This differs from previous seasons in which the battle royale map would only change at the split mark of the season. Essentially, this change should result in more gameplay variety for players who log in on a daily basis.

Which Maps Are In Rotation In Apex Legends Season 16?

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At the start of Season 16, there will be three maps in rotation for Apex Legends. These are:

  • Broken Moon
  • Storm Point
  • Worlds Edge

It's not yet clear whether these three maps will stay the same throughout the entire season. It may be that Respawn Entertainment decides to switch up the maps in rotation at the split mark of Season 16.

We will update this guide if there are any changes to the rotation list.

Other Changes In Apex Legends Season 16

Season 16 of Apex Legends seems to be a huge step forward for the live-service games. Lots of changes under the hood seem to provide a drastic change in gameplay for lots of Legends.

The most notable change is the move to a new Legends class system. This sees passive abilities passed on to Legends to provide a new layer of gameplay.

In addition, plenty of Legends have seen some drastic balancing alterations to keep the game enjoyable for all players.

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