Apex Legends Remastered Classes Explained

Apex Legends Remastered Classes Explained
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7th Feb 2023 17:13

The Apex Legends Remastered Classes introduce new Classes and shake up the way Apex's existing Classes operate. Before Season 16, Classes in Apex Legends weren't always significant. But with Apex Legends Remastered Classes, Classes are at the forefront of Legend identity!

Apex Legends Remastered Classes Explained

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Apex Legends Season 16 will evolve the Legend Class system. Classes are getting reworked so that each Class will sport a relevant and consequential perk. The overall idea of the Remastered Classes is to change the way players use Legends and redefine the Apex Legends meta.

Apex Legends Remastered Classes: Assault

Season 16 will introduce Red Supply Bins to the Apex Games. Legends in the Assault Class can loot these special Supply Bins to obtain extra ammunition and weapon attachments. Assault Class Legends will also get a new Passive that grants them the ability to stack bonus ammo in their inventory.

The Assault Class Legends include:

  • Bangalore
  • Revenant
  • Fuse
  • Ash
  • Mad Maggie

Apex Legends Remastered Classes: Skirmisher

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Legends in the Skirmisher Class can preview what's inside Care Packages without needing to travel to and open the Care Package.

Below are all the Skirmisher Legends:

Apex Legends Remastered Classes: Recon

As has been the case, Recon Class Legends can scan Survey Beacons. But there's a twist! Scanning Survey Beacons as a Recon Class Legend will reveal the locations of enemies for a brief moment.

The Recon Class Legends consist of:

  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto
  • Seer
  • Vantage

Apex Legends Remastered Classes: Controller

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The Controller Class can now scan Survey Beacons too! However, it seems that Controller Legends are now the ones that can reveal the location of the next Circle, not Recon Legends.

Below are your Controller Class Legends:

Apex Legends Remastered Classes: Support

Legends classified as Support can access Blue Supply Bins. Better yet, Support Legends are able to craft the banners of their fallen squadmates and revive them remotely.

The cast of Support Class Legends includes:

  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Loba
  • Newcastle

Since Season 16 isn't getting a new Legend, Remastered Classes are intended to fill that void. We might not have a new character to play with, but the existing cast will feel brand-new thanks to these Class reworks!

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