Apex Legends Season 16 Balance Changes: All Buffs And Nerfs

Apex Legends Season 16 Balance Changes: All Buffs And Nerfs
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9th Feb 2023 14:47

Apex Legends Season 16 is introducing a lot of balance changes, and here are all the buffs and nerfs you can expect. Apex Legends Season 16 is called Revelry and looks like it'll drastically change how we play the game. Let's take a look at everything that's changing with the Legends in Apex Legends Season 16, including all buffs and nerfs.

Apex Legends Balance Changes: Legend Buffs and Nerfs

Apex Legends Season 16 Balance Changes All Buffs And Nerfs
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Here's a list of each change to Legends that we currently know about.

  • Wraith - Portal distance doubled, speed while creating portal doubled.
  • Seer - Reduced ultimate frequency and audible heartbeat sensors.
  • Bloodhound - Ultimate creates ravens that fly towards enemy squads near you, ultimate no longer reduces cooldown of your active ability.
  • Valkyrie - Removed the scan
  • Lifeline - Care package speed and range increased, faster after revivals
  • Mirage - Both Mirage and teammates he revives are cloaked for 3 seconds, which breaks if you draw a weapon. Bamboozled enemies are tracked.
  • Pathfinder - Quicker and longer ziplines
  • Horizon - Spread and movement inside ultimate nerfed


Apex Legends Balance Changes: New Legend Classes

Apex Legends Season 16 Balance Changes All Buffs And Nerfs
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We also learned that the classes have been reworked. A new class named Skirmisher has been introduced, and old Legends have been moved into new remastered classes.

  • Assault Legends (Bangalore, Ash, Fuse, Revenant, Mad Maggie) can access weapon supply bins and carry more ammunition.
  • Skirmishers (Wraith, Mirage, Octane, Horizon, Valkyrie, Pathfinder) have "care package insight" and focus on combat mobility.
  • Recon Legends (Crypto, Vantage, Bloodhound, Seer) can access survey beacons and track enemy squads.
  • Controllers (Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, Catalyst) focus on area setup and can access consoles to view where the ring is moving.
  • Support Legends (Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar, Newcastle) can craft ally banners to revive fallen allies and access extended supply bins to get more loot.

The biggest changes here include the changes related to survey beacons. Being able to track enemy squads will be an incredibly useful tool. However, Recon legends won't be able to track rings anymore, only Controllers.

The rest of these changes should make each class stand out more and give each player a bit more initiative and utility.

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