Apex Legends Season 16 Leaks and Details

Apex Legends Season 16 Leaks and Details
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Dave McAdam


2nd Jan 2023 20:50

Thanks to some Apex Legends season 16 leaks, we have some idea where the game is going in the near future. Apex Legends has been due an overhaul in the class department for some time, and it seems that time is coming. Season 16 brings a new class system, and some changes to go with it. Here is everything we know courtesy of the Apex Legends season 16 leaks.

Apex Legends Season 16 Leaks: New Class System

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As mentioned, the class system in Apex Legends is apparently getting reworked. Currently, the cast of legends is divided up into four classes, Recon, Support, Defence, and Offence. The characters are not evenly divided between these classes, as there are many more Offensive characters than in any other class. As such, the objective of this rework seems to be to make the divide more even.

The proposed new system will have five classes, those being Assault, Control, Recon, Skirmisher, and Support. Each class will have four to six Legends, and the classes will have specific traits that apply to each character within them. For example, Support characters will be able to access blue supply bins for more support items, and Assault characters will be able to access an extra compartment in red supply bins for more offensive items, like attachments and extra ammo.

What this will mean for the other classes is yet unknown, but it stands to reason that if some classes have specific abilities across the class, then other classes will have their own abilities too.

Apex Legends Season 16 Leaks: Other Changes

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Alongside the changes to classes, there are other updates coming in Season 16. In lieu of a new Legend, the only big addition to the game is the Nemesis AR, one of the very few new weapons coming to the game in the near future. Otherwise, we are seeing some changes to existing Legends, such as a buff to Lifeline, whose ultimate will now arrive quicker.

Nothing is confirmed, but Mirage and Pathfinder have both been mentioned for potential reworks and overall improvements. One character that seems to be up for some nerfs is Seer, surprising pretty much no one. Overall, the changes in this season are all about balance and making sure that everything in the game currently works, before continuing to add new Legends and items in future seasons.

That is it for our rundown of the Apex Legends season 16 leaks. For more on the game, check out our Apex Legends stickers guide.

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