Apex Legends Stickers: Everything We Know

Apex Legends Stickers: Everything We Know
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Tarran Stockton


25th Oct 2022 16:27

Apex Legends Stickers are set to be added to the latest season of the battle royale as a new type of cosmetic item for customising your gear. Apex Legends Season 15 will drop on November 1, introducing a brand-new character, battle pass, and stickers of all things, which can be equipped on some specific items. If you're wondering exactly what the Apex Legends Stickers are and how they will function, read on below. 

Apex Legends Stickers

Apex Legends Stickers
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The Apex Legends Stickers are a new cosmetic item that can be used to customise consumable healing items, allowing you to further set yourself apart from other players. There are many different cosmetics in Apex Legends, such as weapon and character skins, banners, badges, and charms, all of which let you add a touch of personal flair. While there are set to be even more of these in Season 15, Stickers will also be making their first appearance. 


From what we know so far, Stickers can only be placed on consumable healing items, of which there are only four. These are: 

  • Shield Cell
  • Shield Battery
  • Phoenix Kit
  • Health Injector

We don't know what all the Stickers will be, but the developers have shown some off in videos that highlight the newest season. These Stickers also come right after a recent animation change which has been made to the healing items, resulting in them being shown off more when used. 

If you want to get some of the new Stickers once Season 15 releases, you will need to purchase them directly from the store with Apex Coins, or open packs which have them in.

That's all for our explainer of the Apex Legends Stickers, and now you know what the latest cosmetics to be added are. 

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