What Is The Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist?

What Is The Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist?
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7th Feb 2023 12:24

Curious about the Apex Legends Mixtape playlist? This brand-new Apex Legends offering is something players have been demanding for some time. So, if you're interested, let's go over what exactly the Apex Legends Mixtape playlist is.

What Is The Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist?

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To answer the demand for more limited-time modes (LTMs), Respawn Entertainment is introducing the Mixtape playlist. Mixtape is a permanent playlist designed to feature a variety of LTMs. 

Respawn touts Mixtape as a Firing Range but with real combat situations. It's the perfect playlist for players to test out new Legends and practice their skills.

To start, Mixtape will consist of Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control.

Team Deathmatch

Apex Legends is finally getting Team Deathmatch. This mode pits two teams of six against one another in a race to achieve 30 kills. Each match of Team Deathmatch features three rounds, and the first team to triumph in two rounds wins.

Gun Run

Gun Run is Apex's take on Gun Game from Call of Duty. Four teams of three battle to be the first to achieve a kill with 25 different weapons. Getting a kill will earn you a point and replace your current weapon with another one in a predetermined order. The final weapon is a Throwing Knife exclusive to Gun Run.


Apex Legends Control is an objective mode featuring three Control Zones. Two teams of nine compete to claim the Control Zones. Each Captured Control Zone will yield one point every second to the team that controls it. The first team to reach 1250 points wins.

When the match begins, players can choose between five different weapon Loadouts. And as the match progresses, the quality of your equipped weapons will improve based on a Rating system. Respawns in Control are unlimited.

When Does The Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist Release?

The Apex Legends Mixtape playlist is scheduled to release in early March, following three weeks of Team Deathmatch to kick off Apex Legends Season 16.

How Long Will The Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist Be Available?

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As we already touched on, the Apex Legends Mixtape playlist is advertised by Respawn as a permanent playlist. While the modes inside might not always stay the same, the Mixtape playlist will exist indefinitely.

The lack of permanent LTMs has been a major complaint for quite a while, but now, the Apex Legends Mixtape playlist is here to save the day!

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