Does Apex Legends Have Proximity Chat?

Does Apex Legends Have Proximity Chat?
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12th Jan 2023 12:56

Apex Legends proximity chat has been a contentious topic for as long as the game has been around. Proximity chat is a communication feature in many online games that allows the players to speak to allies — and enemies — that are physically nearby within the game. Let's discuss the pros and cons of Apex Legends proximity chat, and if Apex has proximity chat.

Does Apex Legends Have Proximity Chat?

As of right now, there is no proximity chat in EA's battle royale. We'll update this in the future with any changes.

Apex Legends Proximity Chat: What Is Proximity Chat?

Proximity chat is a form of in-game chat where you can speak to both allies and enemies in your direct vicinity. Unlike normal voice chat, proximity chat is limited in its range.

Proximity chat is a fan-favourite among many gamers, as the ability to speak directly with your opposition in-game adds a unique twist and can lead to some truly memorable, one-of-a-kind encounters. The feature has become popular lately with its inclusion in Warzone 2but there are positives and negatives to it and it seems that Respawn has not deemed it worth including in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Proximity Chat: How Would Proximity Chat Work In Apex Legends? 

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Apex Legends may be able to get away with offering a proximity chat option in all game modes, but there are some concerns. Primarily: cheating and toxicity.

The ability to speak with enemies at will could lead to individuals and teams aligning and working together — something that you don't want happening in a competitive multiplayer game. Forming alliances via proximity chat is encouraged in some games, but that would not fly in Apex Legends. And as for toxicity, everyone who's ever played a competitive video game knows how some ill-mannered individuals can get online.

However, there are still ways in which Apex Legends could make proximity chat work. Proximity chat would be a fine addition to Apex Legends private matches. The entire point of custom lobbies is to give the organiser freedom that isn't possible in a public match. Proximity chat opens the floodgates to all sorts of exciting user-created game modes. Imagine playing hide-and-seek but being able to hear the seeker openly taunt you as they stalk and hunt you down.

Apex Legends could also get away with adding a version of the "death chat" prevalent in the Warzone 2 games. If you have ever played Warzone or Warzone 2, you have probably encountered a situation where you heard the person you just killed broadcast some noises voicing their displeasure. This is because if you have game chat on and die, your killer can hear you speak for a brief moment.

As you can see, there are ways that Apex Legends could add proximity chat without threatening the game's competitive integrity.

Apex Legends Proximity Chat: Games That Do Proximity Chat Well

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While it may seem odd to enable proximity chat in a competitive game like Apex Legends, there are battle royales that offer proximity chat as an option, most notably, PUBG. Type in "PUBG proximity chat" on YouTube and you'll be presented with a list of hysterical videos revolving solely around authentic proximity chat encounters.

Multiplayer survival games like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Escape from Tarkov, are known for their proximity chat. Proximity chat in these games is always intense because you never know if you can trust the person on the other end of the mic. Do they seek to betray you? Or can you trust them and form an alliance?

Horror games are another genre that thrives off of proximity chat. Games like Phasmaphobia and DEVOUR get so much better when the group opts to use proximity chat over standard voice chat or something like Discord. Need to split into groups to accomplish an objective? With proximity chat, you'll have no idea how the other group is faring until you link back up again. Get lost and lose sight of your friends? Well, now it's just you and the ghost.

Apex Legends Proximity Chat: Will Apex Legends Ever Add Proximity Chat?

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Despite all the pros of proximity chat, chances are that it will never be a thing in Apex Legends. So far, the developers have shown no interest in introducing such a feature into the competitive multiplayer battle royale.

However, never say never. If the Apex Legends community lets their voices be heard and makes an honest case for proximity chat, Respawn Entertainment, Apex's developers, have shown that they are willing to listen.

Maybe, just maybe, Apex Legends proximity chat will one day come to fruition.

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