How to create a private match in Apex Legends

How to create a private match in Apex Legends
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11th May 2022 17:05

Apex Legends private matches are finally here with the launch of season 13. Apex Legends fans have been asking for this feature for years now, and although there have been steps in this direction, the mode is finally here and fully available. Players looking to play games with their friends and experiment now have plenty of tools to do so. Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends private matches.

How To Create A Private Match In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Custom Games: How to create custom games
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Private matches in Apex Legends have been replaced with a new Custom Game system. To create a custom game, click on the mode selection button in the bottom left of the main menu. On that menu, click the button in the top right corner with a podium on it. Here you can input a password, which you will need to do before you can create a custom game. Type in an original password to create your own game, or type in an existing password to join another player's game.

Once you enter your password, you can begin setting up a custom game. You can choose the map and alter the various parameters of the game. When you have the settings you want, you can send your password on to others to let them join your custom game.

The ability to create these custom games, however, is only available to a select few. This is up to EA's judgement and you have to agree to a wide variety of stipulations to even have a chance. The only other way to get into a custom game at this current time is if you're competing in a tournament in which the tournament organisers will likely have the relationship with EA in place along with a Custom Game code for you to insert.

Changes From Private Matches To Custom Games

Apex Legends Custom Games: Changes to custom games
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With the launch of season 13, the previous Private Match system has been replaced with Custom Games. The two are effectively the same thing, but with the changeover came improvements and additions. For the most part, these changes are quality of life changes, such as modifications to the UI and making the system more suitable for general use. The overall flow of how matches work in custom games has been improved, and the colours used for observers have been updated.

Custom games can now team names and match rules, allowing repeated matches to be played much easier. Overall, the change from Private Matches to Custom Games has turned what was once a tool only really used by tournament organisers into something all players can use and enjoy.

That is everything you need to know to start putting together some custom games of your own. For more on the game, check out our breakdown of Apex Legends season 13.



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