Apex Legends Prologue: How To Complete Bangalore Chronicle Quest

Apex Legends Prologue: How To Complete Bangalore Chronicle Quest
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4th Apr 2022 15:25

The Apex Legends Prologue marks the beginning of the Bangalore Chronicle. Replacing Season Quests, Apex Chronicles is a unique way for players to digest and experience the lore of Apex Legends. Let's go over how to do the Apex Legends Prologue and how to complete Bangalore's Apex Chronicle quests.

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Apex Legends Prologue: What Is The Bangalore Chronicle?

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The Bangalore Chronicle is the next entry into the lore-based quests called Chronicles. Specifically, the Bangalore Chronicle is titled "The Williams Sendoff". Once completed, these miniature in-game challenges reveal previously unknown lore surrounding Apex Legends Bangalore through dialogue and text excerpts.

You may remember tracking down the Apex Legends White Raven locations as part of the Bloodhound Chronicle.

Apex Legends Prologue: How To Complete

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Before you can access the Chapters of the Bangalore Chronicle, you must first tackle the Prologue. To start Prologue: The Hard Call, you'll need to navigate to the main lobby menu of Apex Legends.

From here, you'll want to cycle through the pages on the right side of the screen until you get to the Story tab. You'll know you're at the right place when you see The Williams Sendoff at the top right of the screen.

Now, press the View Story Tracker button. Finally, click Start to initiate the Apex Legends Prologue.

Upon completion, you'll be presented with a short snippet from Bangalore reading,

"13 years scouring the Outlands - no Jackson. Got Wraith working her sketchy connects - still no Jackson. Revenant offered me a one-way ticket back to my family on Gridiron, but how do I make the call, knowing I'd leave my brother behind here? Nana's not getting any younger, but... Someone's at my door."

Apex Legends Prologue: Rewards

Completing the Apex Legends Prologue in the Bangalore Chronicle will grant you access to Chapter 1: Living With It. Chapter 1 will task you with the Apex Legends Scout of Action challenge and dive deeper into Bangalore's background.

This is just the beginning of the Bangalore Chronicle. Make sure to complete Chapters 1-3 and the Finale to finish the story and earn all of the rewards.

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