What Are Marksman Weapons In Apex Legends?

What Are Marksman Weapons In Apex Legends?
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20th Jan 2023 15:57

Marksman weapons in Apex Legends can be extremely powerful in the right hands, but you might want to know what exactly a marksman weapon is. Apex Legends is a popular battle royale with hero shooter mechanics, setting apart from the other competition.

While each Legend has their own unique abilities, they can only get you so far, and the game's massive array of weaponry is key to winning fights and making it to the final few. So, take a look at our answer to the question, what are marksman weapons in Apex Legends?

What Are Marksman Weapons In Apex Legends?

What Are Marksman Weapons In Apex Legends?
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Marksman weapons are rifles that fall between assault rifles and sniper rifles. They're strong at medium-to-long ranges, giving them a little more versatility than ARs and sniper rifles, but the trade-off is that they have slow fire rates which means every shot needs to count.

In terms of damage, they don't match up to snipers, but each shot offers more damage than a single AR shot. However, in closer ranges the fire rate of an AR makes up for this with its fire rate, giving them more damage output. This means that marksman rifles are best suited for combat outside, where you can reliably stay at longer ranges.

Despite their long range, you cannot equip sniper attachments onto marksman rifles, and they share all attachments with assault rifles instead.

One of the more notable qualities of marksman rifles is their ammo efficiency, as there's no way to effectively spam fire, and it's easier to make every shot count. Obviously, you still need to actually hit your shots though.

There are currently four weapons in the marksman rifle category. The marksman weapons are:

  • G7 Scout
  • Triple Take
  • 30-30 Repeater
  • Bocek Compound Bow

That's all for our explainer of marksman weapons in Apex Legends, and now you know what niche these weapons fit into, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

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