How To Get The Apex 101 Badge In Apex Legends

How To Get The Apex 101 Badge In Apex Legends
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Coleman Hamstead


16th Jan 2023 15:06

The never-before-seen Apex 101 Badge is turning heads in the Apex Legends community. This mysterious Apex Legends Badge popped up out of nowhere, and now players are wondering how to unlock it. So, if you want to add this brand-new Badge to your collection, below is a brief primer on how to get the Apex 101 Badge in Apex Legends.

How To Get The Apex 101 Badge

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Introduced with the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event, the Apex 101 Badge is a way to show off your Apex Legends prowess. The Apex 101 Badge is an indicator that you're familiar with all the basics of Apex Legends

To get the Apex 101 Badge, you must complete all the Welcome to Apex Challenges. To view the challenges and track your progress, navigate to the Seasonal tab and then to the Challenges subtab.

Apex 101 Badge: All Welcome To Apex Challenges

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There are ten Welcome to Apex Challenges in total. These challenges are relatively simple and designed for beginners as an introduction to Apex Legends.

Below is a list of all the Welcome to Apex Challenges:

  • Restore 200 health
  • Slide three times
  • Deal damage with an ordinance
  • Swap your armour for one of a higher tier
  • Survive to the top-five squads 
  • Break down three doors with melee attacks
  • Use a Phoenix Kit
  • Take an item from a Care Package (does not include Life Life Care Package)
  • Get a kill from over 100 metres away
  • Win as the Champion Squad

The Welcome to Apex Challenges are straightforward. You'll probably complete the majority of these naturally without even realising it! However, there are a couple that may take some concerted effort to finish, such as achieving a kill from over 100 metres away and winning as the Champion Squad.

So, that's how you get the Apex 101 Badge in Apex Legends. Whether you're a beginner or a vet, complete the Welcome to Apex Challenges and show off the Apex 101 Badge on your in-game Banner.

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