Apex Legends Heatwave LTM Explained

Apex Legends Heatwave LTM Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


15th Feb 2023 12:07

Respawn Entertainment is cranking up the temperature in the upcoming The Apex Legends Heatwave LTM. This Limited-Time Mode will force Apex Legends players indoors as waves of heat engulf Olympus. Do you think you can survive the Apex Legends Heatwave LTM?

What Is The Apex Legends Heatwave LTM?

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Heatwave is a brand-new Apex Legends Limited-Time Mode. Periodically throughout a match of Heatwave, the Ring will engulf the entire play area. To avoid taking damage, players must get to shelter indoors.

To spice things up, Care Packages in Heatwave will contain Sunglasses. Players equipped with Sunglasses can survive the elements and traverse the map even during the heatwaves. 

Heatwave is sort of a reverse of the Flashpoint LTM last seen during the Apex Legends Unshackled Event. In Flashpoint, players receive benefits for hanging out in Flashpoint Zones. But in Heatwave, it's vital that players avoid the areas affected by heatwaves if they don't have Sunglasses.

The rules of the Apex Legends Heatwave LTM encourage players to battle indoors. Close-quarters combat in tight corridors is a strong point of Controller Legends. Therefore, Legends like Rampart, Caustic, and Wattson will excel in Heatwave.

Apex Legends Heatwave LTM: Release Date

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The Apex Legends Heatwave LTM has no official release date yet, but it's expected to arrive sometime during Apex Legends Season 16

At release, Heatwave will be its own standalone Limited-Time Mode. However, if it proves to be popular, Heatwave will likely get added to the new Apex Legends Mixtape Playlist. If this happens, Heatwave will be available permanently inside the Mixtape Playlist.

Heatwave is an exciting twist on the Apex Battle Royale formula. Don some Sunglasses and venture out into the Apex Legends Heatwave LTM later in Revelry.

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