Apex Legends Golden Ticket Explained

Apex Legends Golden Ticket Explained
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13th Oct 2022 11:08

You may have noticed that Apex Legends Golden Tickets are now available in Replicators across the Apex Games. This mysterious new item has drawn interest from Apex Legends competitors everywhere as the community flocks to see what the Golden Ticket is all about. You won't want to miss the upcoming festivities, so let's go over what Apex Legends Golden Tickets do and how to get your hands on a Golden Ticket.

What Is An Apex Legends Golden Ticket?

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The Apex Legends Golden Ticket is your pass for an up close and personal tour of the "future home of the Apex Games". After acquiring a Golden Ticket, you'll notice a playlist that wasn't available before titled "A New Home" when you return to the lobby. A New Home is locked until October 19, 2022, at which point it's theorised that those in possession of a Golden Ticket will get a sneak peek of the brand-new Divided Moon map scheduled to release with Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse.


How To Get An Apex Legends Golden Ticket

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You can print Apex Legends Golden Tickets in Replicators in exchange for 125 Materials. Every Golden Ticket comes with a Fully-Kitted, Legendary Weapon, so you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Reference the in-game map to discover the locations of Materials and Replicators. You'll notice that the symbol identifying Replicators on the map, and the holographic icon that floats above Replicators, have turned gold — an indication that Golden Tickets are available for Crafting.

Be sure to grab a Golden Ticket while they're still in stock and mark October 19, 2022, on your calendar, as that's when you'll finally be able to redeem your ticket for a hands-on preview of the new battlefield for the Apex Games.


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Don't confuse the Materials you stuff into Replicators with Apex Legends Crafting Metals.

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