Apex Legends DDoS Protection Explained

Apex Legends DDoS Protection Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


27th Jan 2023 16:29

Apex Legends DDoS protection is a brand-new preventative measure to put a halt to the rampant DDoS attacks plaguing Apex Legends. Any Apex Legends player that has played enough Ranked Mode can tell you how serious of an issue DDoSing is. Let's review Apex Legends DDoS protection and how Respawn Entertainment plans to address the DDoS issue.

Apex Legends DDoS Protection: What Does DDoS Stand For?

DDoS is an acronym for distributed denial of service. DDoS attacks are a type of cyber-attack where the perpetrator floods a target network or server with so much data that it becomes overwhelmed and paralysed, thus denying the users of the network or server service.

Apex Legends DDoS Protection: What Is A DDoS Attack?

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common in gaming, Apex Legends specifically. These planned attacks work to freeze players mid-match, leading to easy wins for the perpetrators and deserter penalties and loss of Ranked Points for the victims. This is especially problematic in Ranked Mode, where the stakes are high.

Respawn Entertainment has been attempting to thwart DDoSing for years now but to no avail. Despite attempted fixes and bans targeted at criminal DDoSers, Respawn Entertainment has yet to truly solve the issue.

Apex Legends DDoS Protection Explained

Respawn Entertainment has seemingly come to terms with the fact that DDoSing will forever be a problem, as they recently announced DDoS protection for Ranked Mode lobbies featuring Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator-ranked players.

While it appears that those willing to carry out DDoS attacks will still reap the rewards, the victims will now no longer suffer. If you're serious about Ranked Mode enough to achieve Diamond or above, you are now safe from the consequences of DDoS attacks in Apex Legends.

This Apex Legends DDoS protection does not extend to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum lobbies, likely because DDoS attacks are far less frequent at lower levels of competition. The shameful individuals carrying out DDoS attacks aren't talented enough to earn Ranked Points in Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator lobbies, so they cheat to climb the ranks. 

If your lobby is eligible for Apex's DDoS protection, you will notice a tiny shield symbol beside your server in-game.

So, if you're a player that frequents Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator Ranked Mode lobbies, this announcement is amazing news! Thanks to Apex Legends' brand-new DDoS protection, you no longer have to worry about losing Ranked Points illegitimately to cheaters.

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