How to find all the Firing Range Easter eggs in Apex Legends

How to find all the Firing Range Easter eggs in Apex Legends
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Tarran Stockton


24th Jan 2023 13:03

There are a few Firing Range Easter eggs that can be discovered in Apex Legends, giving players something else to do other than improve their aim by taking on stationary dummies. As a fast-paced battle royale, so aim is key if you want to perform well.

Luckily, there is a way to make the Firing Range an even better environment for training your aim by activating an Easter egg. So, if you want to know how to locate all the Apex Legends Firing Range Easter eggs, we've got you covered.

Training dummies

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs: Training Dummies
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This first Easter egg allows you to wake up the training dummies so they begin moving and around and shooting. While also being a little creepy, this is a super useful way to train as it replicates the conditions of an actual match far more than a stationary target ever could.

Here are the steps for waking up the training dummies for a fight:

  1. Load into the Firing Range and drop all your weapons and items.
  2. Head down the hill ahead slightly, and then take a left, looping back up into the dark room that's adjacent to where you spawn.
  3. If you look up, just after the lights you will see a shelf on the ceiling that can be climbed onto. You'll need someone like Loba, Horizon, or Pathfinder for this.
  4. Head to the centre of the shelf, crouch, look directly down, and change your Legend until you hear a click sound.
  5. If all worked, when you head back outside, there will be a small army of dummies waiting for you. 

Third-Person mode

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs: Third-Person Mode
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The second easter egg allows you to activate a secret third-person mode, which means the camera is positioned over the shoulder instead of directly in your character's face.

There's no real use for this other than messing about with a different perspective, but here's how to do it:

  1. Load into the Firing Range and drop all your weapons and items.
  2. Head into the far-right corner of the map, where you'll find a bush tucked away in the corner.
  3. Crouch into the bush, face directly down, and change your Legend until you hear a click.
  4. Your perspective should change immediately if it worked.

Loch Ness Plushies

Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs: Loch Ness Plushies
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This last Easter egg is a lot sillier, and just involved plushies of the famous Loch Ness Monster. There are a fair few of them littered around the Firing Range, but the best example is the family of them you can find high above the map.

Here's how to find the plushies:

  1. Load into the Firing Range, head outside the starting room, and take the first zipline up to the left.
  2. Take another zipline up to the massive bone structure.
  3. Climb up the ledge to another zipline, and take it up again toward the cliffs.
  4. You'll come to a sniper nest where the Loch Ness plushies can be found together.
  5. Stare at them, take them in, shoot them, do whatever. That's the Easter egg.

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