All Weapon Upgrade Locations In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6

All Weapon Upgrade Locations In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6

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31st Mar 2021 17:31

Through fifteen plus seasons of content, Fortnite has developed a large roster consisting of hundreds of original characters. Now, these characters are more than just skins players can wear in-game. Many of them actively live on the island, open to interaction with real players.

Dozens of friendly non-playable characters (NPCs) are scattered around the map. Along with offering interesting and humorous dialogue, these NPCs can provide a wide variety of useful services. Players can buy guns and equipment, hire the NPCs as a bodyguard, and of course, upgrade their current weapon to a higher rarity. These services come at a cost though; players must pay in a currency called Gold Bars if they wish to have their request fulfilled.

Of all the NPCs on the island, only six can upgrade your weapon for you. Considering the demand for such a service, it’s extremely important to know who and what NPCs can upgrade guns.

Below is a list of all the characters that offer weapon upgrading and where to find them.

fortnite gold bar bounty
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What Are Gold Bars?

The concept of Gold Bars began in Chapter 2 - Season 5. Gold Bars are a form of in-game currency that players can acquire and in turn, spend on various services throughout the Fortnite island.

This unique concept carried over to Chapter 2 - Season 6. NPCs are everywhere on the map and the Gold Bars players earned in Season 5 transferred over to Season 6. Players keep all of the Gold Bars they collect from game to game, so it’s possible to hoard a huge supply. 

How Do You Get Gold Bars?

Players can obtain Gold Bars through three primary methods. These methods include: 

  • Eliminating enemy players
  • Opening chests
  • Completing bounties and other quests assigned by NPCs
fortnite upgrade npc weapons
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How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Weapons?

Everything has a price. NPCs will charge players a set amount of Gold Bars to upgrade their guns depending on the rarity of the gun being upgraded. The cost to upgrade weapons is as follows:

  • Common to Uncommon - 25 Gold Bars
  • Uncommon to Rare - 50 Gold Bars
  • Rare to Epic - 145 Gold Bars
  • Epic to Legendary - 345 Gold Bars

Which Characters Can Upgrade Weapons?

The Reaper - Fancy View

The legendary Reaper hangs out in the luxurious mansion known as Fancy View. Fancy View is located on the far west side of the island, just south of the Crashed Cargo point of interest (POI). The mansion can be found on the coastline between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. Fancy View is unnamed on the map, but it's easily viewable once you’re in the area.

Spot the John Wick look-alike in his humble abode and speak with him to upgrade your weapons’ rarity.

fortnite reaper
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Jonesy - Pleasant Park

The face of Fortnite, Jonesy resides in Pleasant Park. An appropriate home, considering both Jonsey and Pleasant Park have been around since the day Fortnite released. Jonesy spawns in the house at the north-west corner of the famous POI.

Visit the iconic character and upgrade a weapon of your choice.

Remedy - Craggy Cliffs

Remedy the field medic spends her free time at Craggy Cliffs. Remedy appears in a small garage filled with medical equipment on the south-east corner of the location.

Start a conversation with Remedy for a chance to upgrade your weapons.

fortnite bandolette
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Bandolette - Flushed Factory 

Bandolette is posted up at Flushed Factory. Flushed Factory is an ode to the original Chapter 1 POI, Flush Factory. Flushed Factory is located south-east of Slurpy Swamp. It’s not marked on the map, but the giant toilet statue at the front of the location clears up any confusion.

This NPC is special, as in addition to upgrading weapons, she sells Blue Pump Shotguns for 50 Gold. Players can buy a Blue Pump and instantly upgrade it to Epic or Legendary at Bandolette. 

Bandolette’s presence alone makes Flushed Factory a top-tier landing spot. Guaranteed access to one of the most popular and dominant weapons in Fortnite is nothing to scoff at.

fortnite jules
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Jules - Camp Cod 

Midas’ daughter, Jules, can be found at Camp Cod. Camp Cod is the mini-island that sits down south of Catty Corner. Jules patrols the large storage buildings on the north-east corner of Camp Cod.

Jules is a wearable skin in-game and was also a Boss in Chapter 2 - Season 3. She remains heavily involved in Fortnite as one of the few NPCs capable of upgrading weapons.

Dummy - Compact Cars

The crash test Dummy appropriately lives at the Compact Cars POI. Compact Cars is a small POI that’s left unnamed on the map. Compact Cars can be found by travelling west of Dirty Docks. The location resembles a fun-sized Junk Junction from Chapter 1.

Compact Cars is a small fenced-in spot with tons of scrap metal and one main building. Dummy can be found upstairs in the building overlooking the scrapyard. Dummy offers visitors the opportunity to upgrade their weapons in exchange for Gold.

fortnite dummy skin
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The ability to upgrade your weapon at any time is a massive advantage in a game like Fortnite. The difference between a Common rarity gun and an Epic or Legendary Gun is enormous.

No longer do players need to rely on luck to find these powerful weapons. In Chapter 2 - Season 6, players can upgrade weapon rarity at will, as long as they have the necessary Gold Bars for it.

Knowing where and how to upgrade your weapon will put you a step ahead of your opponents. Keep these NPCs in mind next time you jump out of the Battle Bus.

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