Ludwig Banned From YouTube For The Third Time In A Week

Ludwig Banned From YouTube For The Third Time In A Week
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Emma Hill


6th Dec 2021 10:51

"You're joking-not another one"! That's right, Brenda from Bristol. Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren has been banned from YouTube for the third time after only a week of signing exclusively with the platform. 

The internet was certainly all abuzz when Ludwig announced he was moving from YouTube to Twitch on November 29. One of the main reasons for the move being that by being on YouTube, Ludwig would be able to listen and react to copyrighted material for his streams. However, this turned out to be a little more complicated than the streamer initially thought.

Barely three days into his new YouTube contract, Ludwig's stream got interrupted, and the 26-year-old ended up getting banned for playing the hypnotic kid's song 'Baby Shark'. Although it was completely unintentional, the streamer has been banned again for the third time in a week, but he appears to be seeing the funny side of it with his pal Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter.  

Why Was Ludwig Banned For A Third Time?

On December 5, Ludwig was filming his reaction to Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell's 'Is Meat Really That Bad?' when the video was suddenly paused and, after only an hour of streaming, Ludwig's broadcast was stopped. The stream is, as of writing, also unlisted and is nowhere to be found on Ludwig's YouTube channel. Although, it wasn't long before things were back to normal as Ludwig released another stream in which he explained the ban was, once again, due to DMCA problems. 

During his stream, Ludwig addressed the ban with his fans, saying: "Okay, we have a bit of a problem here", i.e. the DMCA, which limits what copyrighted videos Ludwig can use in his streams, even if they are on YouTube. Going into further detail, Ludwig claimed: "I’ve been getting these warnings during streams, when I watch things. And I figured that meant they were going to take the money from me. But it meant they were going to take my ass down," he said. "So gotta figure that out."

It wasn't the end of the world for Ludwig, however, as he laughed about the situation: "Apparently I'm gonna need to actually make content[...]we need to come up with a solution which allows me to steal other people's content without getting banned". So, in a brilliant solution to avoid the DMCA breach, Ludwig played multiple copyrighted videos all at once, including 'Baby Shark' and 'Is Meat Really That Bad?'. 

Ludwig YouTube Ban: Valkyrae Reacts

As well as seeing the funny side to the situation, Ludwig has continued to receive a great deal of support from his dedicated fanbase and fellow streamers. For example, Valkyrae added her voice to the discussion while clarifying just exactly why his streams were halted. During a live stream, Valkyrae said: "He’s not banned. His stream was taken down, probably for copyright issues. I'm sure this would have happened equally on Twitch."

Valkyrae then joined her mate Ludwig during his playthrough of Super Auto Pets, when the two joked about the ban and discussed just exactly what happened. During the chit-chat, Ludwig revealed that he can be banned an infinite amount of times, but "it's just bad for viewership." He then, jokingly, tried to encourage Valkyrae to be banned alongside him and to "just try it for the LOLs". As you may have guessed, she wasn't too keen on the idea. 

The ban certainly hasn't got in the way of Ludwig producing lots of new content and building his ever-increasing fanbase. We're just keeping our eyes peeled for his highly-anticipated 'biggest Smash Bros. tournament of all time.' 


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