xQc forced to move home over doxxing concerns

xQc forced to move home over doxxing concerns
Images via Twitch - xQc

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Joseph Kime


24th May 2023 17:10

Streaming is a surprisingly dangerous business, and we're not just talking about the poor cameraman who got shot with a crossbow.

Becoming a niche celebrity on the biggest streaming platform on the planet is a pretty big deal, and as those who are fans of creators on Twitch can get pretty obsessed pretty easily, it means that the personalities themselves are often put in harm's way.

We've seen it before with creeps sneaking around Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, and we've seen it elsewhere with fans trying to break into the homes of streamers all over the globe. And it's this that has pushed streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel to move house yet again.

xQc has had to move house - again

The popular (but divisive) streamer Felix Lengyel is better known online as xQc and has made his millions rattling the cages of the Twitchverse. This has made him a target for more than just hate online.

Posting on Twitter, xQ revealed that he's being forced to move house yet again. It's apparently as a result of a his IP address being leaked. 

According to xQc, his IP address had been leaked for an unknown reason, with Lengyel stating that he thought it was down to a "random website." He's now confirmed that only a couple of days later, he's packing up and shifting.

Lengyel has split his time between the US and Canada, largely heading back to his homeland when his visa is up for renewal. He hasn't said where he's going next, but we're sure he'll give us a rough idea soon.

xQc suffers home invasion

This isn't the first time that xQc has had to move on from a home, as back in 2021, he claimed he has to keep moving from place to place as a result of multiple break-ins.

"I can't even go back to my house, man", he said on stream. "It's not safe. F**k am I meant to do? [...] Yeah, I don't know. Maybe if people stop showing up to the f**king house and stop f**king breaking in, maybe I'd go home, dude! Jesus Christ."

Whatever you think of xQc and his controversial outbursts, it's a bit of a bummer that he can't stay stationed anywhere. Who'd have thought that playing Overwatch for a living could get so heated?

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