Twitch Streamer shoots cameraman in stunt gone wrong

Twitch Streamer shoots cameraman in stunt gone wrong
Naughty Dog | Twitch - Official Duck Studios

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Joseph Kime


24th Apr 2023 10:24

Twitch seems to be the home of twisted shenanigans. What was once the speciality of YouTube gifting users with videos of people getting punched in the nuts and jumping into frozen lakes, has now become the mainstay of Twitch.

The platform allows viewers to watch all of the possible build-ups to absolute chaos unfolding. And though that same chaos seems to keep building, it might have hit an all-time high, with one Twitch cameraman suffering the consequences of a streamer's buffoonery.

Twitch streamer banned for shooting cameraman

As we know, there are no rehearsals for Twitch streams, though there's little that one cameraman could have done to prepare for the events of a recent stream from YouTuber and Twitch streamer Official Duck Studios.

The drunken stream saw a man named Reice take to the internet to show off some target practice with a crossbow, curious about if the arrow could penetrate a door, and reach the cameraman behind it. You can see where this is going.

Shooting the arrow through the door, the cameraman's wails can be heard, and as he comes through the door to show off his brutal injury, it's clear that the stream probably shouldn't have happened.

The account has now been banned, which makes sense, after Reice added before the end of the stream "Please ban us, Twitch. It's probably for the best." Aye, we'd say so.

Twitch chat tells cameraman to go to the hospital

While this was happening, you can probably imagine that the stream's chat was going ballistic - with many viewers expressing their serious concerns.

One viewer offered a donation so that their message would be read by the team behind the camera, saying "Attention idiots: go to hospital. Internal bleeding possible. Stop being drunk morons and get actual care going."

It's a pretty sorry example of the type of idiocy that Twitch streams foster - and it's fair play that the account was banned. Can't be much worse than being actually shot.

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