Wild GTA 6 theory claims we’re looking at the trailer wrong

Wild GTA 6 theory claims we’re looking at the trailer wrong
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7th Dec 2023 12:30

It's only been a few days since Rockstar Games unveiled our first look at the next Grand Theft Auto, and already, it feels like Lucia is part of the family. We've barely scratched the surface of what's on the way from GTA 6, but with a much-hyped return to Vice City and Lucia as the first fully playable female protagonist, there's plenty to be excited about.

As has become a little too common with Rockstar titles, many of the major story beats were leaked ahead of time. That probably wasn't helped by the massive data breach of September 2022 or someone collating all the leaks in one massive document. Still, it's clear there are plenty of surprises on the way from the automotive adventure.

The GTA 6 trailer could be hiding some major spoilers

In the GTA 6 trailer, we see Lucia incarcerated, seemingly getting out, and then taking up a life of crime with a love interest by her side. It's all pretty standard stuff, and for anyone who has played a GTA game, you'll know they typically follow the protagonist as they try to climb the ranks of some criminal organisation.

Reddit user u/Hurdenn thinks Lucia's story is being told in reverse, with her criminal activities landing her behind bars. It's a pretty compelling one that's picked up a lot of traction online, and it would be a nice troll from Rockstar to have hidden such massive spoilers in the trailer. Of course, this could just be the start of the story.

One fan supported it, writing, "I was thinking this. Maybe that’s the prologue mission. Then you get out of prison with the ankle tag which limits you to a certain area of the map until you progress and track down Jason. Who knows." Another added, "Holy crap! Rockstar already hides a lot of stuff in plain sight so, this could be it."

A third cheered, "All I’m saying is Rockstar should end the story with her in jail and then add more as DLC. DLC would sell like crazy, if they can do that and run GTA online, they’d make bank." This theory could be a little off, as numerous players pointed out she seems to be wearing an ankle tag in the promo shot.

Still, the idea that we open with Jason and Lucia living their best criminal lives, she does the time, and then they meet up following a prison break is a popular one. Others think there's a big twist coming where Jason rats her out, and that's what puts her in prison - making them enemies as the game continues. 

The mystery of Lucia

Jason and Lucia GTA 6 robbery
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Despite the 91-second GTA 6 trailer putting a lot of focus on Lucia, we're still no closer to unravelling the mystery of who she is. We'd heard a lot about a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired duo being the MVPs of GTA 6, and by the looks of it, Lucia and her male counterpart fit that bill. 

Still, no one is sure who's playing her. Early theories guessed Lucia and Jason are based on the real-life couple of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, while others think Zendaya is playing her. There's also the major possibility she's just a relatively unknown voice actor. 

Eagle-eyed gamers have been freezing every frame of the game, becoming oddly obsessed with Lucia and trying to figure out whether she's the bikini girl we also see front and centre. Rockstar teased this as Trailer 1, suggesting there's more to come. With GTA 6 pencilled in for 2025, brace yourselves because there are going to be a LOT more trailers. 

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