GTA 6 fans are convinced Zendaya has been cast

GTA 6 fans are convinced Zendaya has been cast
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Tom Chapman


5th Dec 2023 14:54

The Grand Theft Auto games are no stranger to bagging celebrity voice actors, with Ray Liotta, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, and Danny Trejo being just a handful. We're expecting another galaxy of stars to lend their vocals to GTA 6, although we don't know who just yet. 

Aside from Jenna Jameson voicing Candy Suxxx in Vice City, there's a distinct lack of woman, and that's because GTA isn't exactly known for its well-rounded female characters. That should change with Lucia being our first proper female protagonist - yes, we know you could technically play as a woman in the OG GTA.

GTA fans think Zendaya is playing Lucia in GTA 6

There was a lot crammed into the 90-second trailer, however, the focus was the no-nonsense Lucia. The story is up in the air, but by the looks of it, Lucia ends a stint behind bars and quickly returns to a life of crime on the streets of a modernised Vice City.

Much like Liotta voicing Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, we're expecting a suitably big name to give Lucia her vocals. Now, some eagle-eared fans think it's Zendaya providing Lucia's voice in GTA 6. While there's seemingly no evidence, and Zendaya has never put herself forward as a GTA superfan, some are sure it's her.

Over on Twitter, one wrote, "She definitely sounds like her," but not everyone was convinced. Known for her roles in the Spider-Man movies, Euphoria, and DUNE, we'd be surprised if she'd managed to squeeze in a monumental project like GTA without us noticing. 

One hater said, "No I don't think that's her, she's a much better actor/voice actor than the actor playing Lucia on the trailer," while another asked, "Is this meant to be a bait post." Even though some think Zendaya is simply "too big" for GTA 6, there's an equally big name linked to the part.

What about Eva Mendes?

For those sceptics, the other prevailing theory is that Lucia is played by Eva Mendes. Cast your mind back to massive GTA 6 leaks of 2022, the characters of Jason and Lucia were spoiled. The man in the GTA 6 trailer still doesn't have a name, although Jason looks even more likely now Lucia is official.

When the deluge of the leaks spilt onto the internet, there was much speculation that this Bonnie and Clyde couple were based on real-life lovers Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. These same fans think GTA 6 has taken its cues from the pair starring in Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond the Pines.

It's possible that Rockstar has been inspired by The Place Beyond the Pines and other movies like Baby Driver, but it's doubtful it's more than a loose homage. As for Mendes and Gosling getting into mo-cap for GTA 6, we're sure we would've heard about that by now.

Ultimately, the actors playing Lucia and her mystery man are likely under airtight NDAs and won't be able to speak out until Rockstar says they can. For the time being, the woman behind Lucia remains one of GTA 6's biggest mysteries. Personally, I'd like Catherine O'Hara to voice her with her best Moira Rose dialogue.

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