GTA 6 players are obsessed with the mysterious bikini girl

GTA 6 players are obsessed with the mysterious bikini girl
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Joseph Kime


6th Dec 2023 17:00

Rocksteady Games' early drop of the GTA 6 trailer left us with an awful lot of questions, and that's not even including our concerns about the game's consistent leaks.

We finally got our first look at the chaos that awaits us in Leonida, our new protagonists, and all of the vehicles we're going to be tearing up and down the Vice City Strip in. A lot was crammed into a mere 911 seconds, but trust us, we've rewatched the trailer enough to tell you we've extracted everything we can.

There's one mystery that fans have decided to latch onto...we wonder why. The identity of the scantily-clad "bikini woman" has become your new obsession, with this sunbathing babe throwing up plenty of theories and becoming a strange sticking point for many.

Fans are getting weird about the character in the bikini in GTA 6's trailer

The notion of women appearing in GTA 6's trailer has made people act a little strange anyway, but as players go away and begin to theorise about what the images we've seen actually mean, they're getting weirdly attached to the character wearing a bikini.

Taking to Reddit, a bunch of GTA fans are starting to theorise that this character is our protagonist, Lucia. They claim that she's wearing makeup and a different hairstyle with a designer bikini.

While the comments obviously devolved into an argument about the inclusion of a woman in the game (shocker), the images posted by KryperExpress have posited that the mole placements across Lucia's face match up with the mysterious bikini woman - despite her looking paler in her appearance.

It's barely surprising that the first step for players to take was to assess a woman's physical features, but even so, it's strange to watch it unfold in real-time. Get a hobby or something, boys.

GTA subreddit devolves into weirdness

Lucia in her prison jumpsuit in GTA VI.
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Even though the comments of the post made a start on arguments about the appearance of Lucia as the first fully playable woman in GTA history, there's also a lot of talk about when players can expect nudity mods and whether GTA 6 will be able to get away with it after Cyberpunk and Baldur's Gate 3.

Neither of these recent releases has been shy about taking its character's clothes off, and sadly, that's where some minds have gone as soon as GTA got a female protagonist. It's to be expected, but damn, we didn't know gamer ickiness would rear its head so fast. It looks like we're going to have to get used to it.

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