Fortnite Season 3 presents a ton of landing options.

18:30, 29 Jun 2020

One of the first questions fans ask when loading up a new Fortnite season is where should I land? There are a plethora of different POIs and locations to land at and explore. Of course, each POI comes with its own unique flair and risk if other players decide to land with you. However, an often-overlooked element of a location’s landing potential is how much loot you can obtain there. Most of the time, players land at a certain Fortnite POI because they think many other players will land there or vice versa. This process is what made Tilted Towers and The Agency such hot drops. Today, we’ll be looking past this and taking a dive into where you should land based on loot potential. 

Best landing spots in Season 3 of Fortnite 

If you’ve played enough Season 3, then you most likely know where some of the best spots to land are. Places like Retail Row, Frenzy Farm, and Pleasant Park are staples of Fortnite that have always been popular spots to drop. These POIs also contain a decent amount of chests and loot so you can set yourself up nicely for the end game. 

However, contrary to popular belief, the most well-known Fortnite locations aren’t among the best places to land in Season 3. Sure, you’ll likely see more action at these POIs but the loot will be a little scarce compared to other locations. 

So, where should you land if you want more loot? A website by the name of LootLake has that answer for us. They keep track and update all known chests and vehicle spawns in a given location on the Fortnite map. This is key knowledge if you’re a competitive player or simply looking for an edge in other playlists. 

According to LootLake, the location with the most potential chest spawns in Fortnite Season 3 is Misty Meadows with a whopping 45. This is closely followed up by Catty Corner and The Fortilla with 37 and 31, respectively. If you’re looking for a ton of potential loot, it seems that landing in the southern parts of the map is your best option.

Best Landing Spots Fortnite Image via LootLake

Of course, not every chest is going to be located in the direct area that a certain POI occupies. Loot Lake takes every surrounding chest and loops it in with the nearby location. So, in essence, Misty Meadows really has around 27 potential chest spawns with 18 more in close proximity. Still, this is more than any other POI by a wide margin. 


What makes Misty Meadows even more attractive is a huge number of enemies don’t normally drop there. Even if around a dozen enemies do land with you, there are a ton of houses for you to grab some loot and search chests. The same goes for Catty Corner but not so much with The Fortilla. Since Season 3 began, this fortress POI has been a popular destination. 

What about Vehicle spawns?

While loot potential is certainly a driving force behind a good landing spot, there’s also the vehicle factor to consider. Landing anywhere on the Fortnite Season 3 map is risky, as there’s so much water to traverse. However, if you have a boat or helicopter at your disposal, this traversal doesn’t seem as daunting. 

Most locations on the map do house a boat or two, but there are certain POIs that hold a few more. For example, Sweaty Sands, The Fortilla, and Frenzy Farm have the ability to spawn over seven boats. Misty Meadows once again makes an appearance with the ability to spawn a modest six boats. Unlike with the chests, boats are scattered around the map more evenly, making your landing choice a little easier. You also have the option to ride sharks if you find a fishing pole which renders a boat less impactful.

Best Landing Spots Fortnite Image via LootLake

As you can also see from Loot Lake’s map, helicopters spawn in various spots around the map. Epic Games did recently nerf their spawn rates, however, so don’t expect to see many flying around the island. 


All in all, it seems like locations such as Misty Meadows and Catty Corner are the best spots to land if you want solid loot, a high chance of survival, and traversal options. The Fortilla is also a solid option but you’ll probably need to fight to stay alive in most games. You can also pay homage to the early days of Fortnite and land at Pleasant Park, which houses a decent number of chests and boats. 

Images via Epic Games | Loot Lake

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