Valkyrae Admits She's 'Addicted' To GTA Roleplay

Valkyrae Admits She's 'Addicted' To GTA Roleplay
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18th Feb 2022 17:20

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has admitted that her love of GTA RP may be getting a little out of hand as she's described her relationship with the mod as an "addiction" which has become a "problem."

A new GTA game may finally be on the way, but fans just can't get enough of the roleplaying multiplayer mod for GTA Online. The game's popularity may have wavered in the streaming community since its release in 2013, but as of writing, it is going through a resurgence. Some of the most famous faces, including Leslie "Fuslie" An, Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang, and YouTuber Valkyrae have been living their best roleplaying lives on the virtual streets of Los Santos. 

However, 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has admitted that her love for the mod has turned into something of an addiction and a worrying one at that. 

What Did Valkyrae Say About Her GTA RP Addiction?

On February 16, took to Twitter to share just how much GTA RP has taken over life. In the tweet, Valkyrae said: "Streaming GTA, watching GTA streams, dreaming about GTA, listening to GTA music on the way to meet GTA friends, then streaming GTA after. I admit I have a problem." 

However, the majority of Valkyrae fans not only didn't seem to be too worried for her and actually completely understood where she was coming from. For instance, one sympathetic fan claimed: "Yes indeed but you know what? I have a problem too." Whereas another explained: "It doesn't matter what type of gta you play. Online. Storymode. Or rp. You're gonna get addicted." 

However, Valkyrae did put a more lighthearted spin on her "problem." In a follow-up tweet, she shared how much fun she was having with GTA RP and that it "has been pure comedy."

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What Did Valkyrae Say In Her Latest Stream?

Valkyrae was back up streaming on February 17 and, unsurprisingly, it didn't take her long to bring up GTA RP. However, she explained that perhaps the reason that she has become such an RP obsessive is that her circumstances have changed compared to the last time she played the game. 

Around 4 into her livestream, Valkyrae claimed: "I feel like I'm watching a reality TV show and it's so funny to me. It's insane, and honestly, I think the difference between now and last time when I played GTA is I've made so many friends now and I’m more comfortable."

The 30-year-old further stated that last time she felt like she had no one else to play with, but "this time, I'm just pushing myself and I'm so glad I am."

Valkyrae certainly isn't the only one who’s been open about her addiction to GTA RP. Her friend, Fuslie, has previously stated just how obsessed she has become with the game. Although, as Valkyrae claims, it's because she and her team are having such a great time with the mod. So, she's chosen to embrace her addiction and it doesn't look like her playthroughs will stop any time soon. 

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