Fuslie Admits Her GTA RP Addiction Is Causing Her Life To Fall Apart Off-Stream

Fuslie Admits Her GTA RP Addiction Is Causing Her Life To Fall Apart Off-Stream
Image Credit: Fuslie | Twitch | Rockstar Games

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Emma Hill


8th Feb 2022 16:06

Popular Twitch streamer, Leslie "Fuslie" Fu has revealed that her addiction to Grand Theft Auto RP may have gone a bit too far as she claimed that her life outside of the game is "falling apart."

The GTA V multiplayer role-player mod, has gone down a storm among fans as they've been given the power to act out their own story in whatever way they want. The mod has proved particularly popular among some of the streaming community's most famous faces and caused some of them to even get a bit addicted. 

However, there's one particular streamer who has admitted that her addiction may have gone a little too far. GTA V enthusiast Fuslie has claimed that her life outside of the game is starting to crumble outside of streaming. 

What Did Fuslie Say About Her GTA RP Addiction?

Fuslie opened up about her addiction to GTA RP during her Twitch livestream on February 6. Admitting that she is a little worried about how much the game is consuming her life, the streamer stated: "I think I'm getting a bit too much into GTA." The 29-year-old claimed that she was streaming while being surrounded by "dirty clothes", "trash", and "tissues." 

Fuslie certainly isn't the only one who has been open about her GTA V addiction. During her break from streaming, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter spent a great deal of time on the game. Then, on February 8, she tweeted that she was "addicted" to the mod and with good reason because, as she claimed: "It feels my improvement with roleplay and in-game character development has been appreciated and validated. Ty for watching & ty to my friends for making it so enjoyable."

However, Fuslie's addiction hasn't necessarily been a positive thing for her as her addiction has also influenced her life outside of streaming. The Twitch star admitted: "I wake up and then I watch GTA clips […] I am so obsessed that I am like, this is not healthy. This can't be healthy."

Is Fuslie Taking A Break From GTA RP?

Given that Fuslie admitted that her life outside of virtual Los Santos is "falling apart", it seems as though her well-needed break has come at just the right moment. On February 8, the streamer tweeted: "No streams for a few days! I'm on a Big Bear trip with friends going snowboarding for the first time." Although, she was clearly feeling a bit glum about leaving her pet cat, Socko. 

Speaking about her upcoming break during her stream, Fuslie said she was "really happy about taking a break". Originally, she considered "bailing" out of the trip because she was "going to miss four days of GTA". However, she claimed she quickly stomped out those thoughts and was determined to go ahead with the break. 

Fuslie may have been left "cringing" after finding a birthday message from her past-self about her future, but one thing she clearly isn't regretful of is taking a well-earned break away from the hectic world of GTA


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