US Fans Furious About Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonus

US Fans Furious About Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonus
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Joseph Kime


25th Aug 2022 11:05

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are rocketing towards us, and it's hard to say if we're ready for them or not. The games are a pretty big dive into a new region and Pokedex, and with the last generation being only a few years ago, some are nervous that the games could feel rushed.

Still, Gen IV is on its way regardless, as fans are already getting their pre-orders in. There are often great rewards for buying the next Pokemon game ahead of time, with the UK and Europe getting a great little statue - but fans in the US are upset with their bonuses.

Why Do US Fans Hate The Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonus?

Though the rest of the world has been blessed with cool statues in a physical representation of the games, Pokemon fans in the United States have kicked off about the meagre Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre-order bonus coming to their shores.

The official Pokemon Twitter account has revealed that pre-ordering the games via The Pokemon Center means you'll receive an in-game sports backpack in a flowery pattern. It comes in the form of a code that is packed with the game. That's it.

Naturally, as fans around the world are getting much better goodies, fans are angry that this is all that Pokemon can offer them. A virtual backpack it's such a throwaway item, it's practically useless for many. Hmmm, it sounds like that Oblivion horse armour, doesn't it? The difference is, Return to Monkey Island is making a joke of its laughable pre-order bonus.


Fans React To Terrible Pokemon Pre-Order Bonuses


Fans have taken to Twitter to roast the terrible bonus, and it's safe to say they're not happy with what they've got. One raged, "I don't think anyone is gonna pre-order for a backpack. Why can't we have a real incentive to pre-order the game? Plz no cosmetics! How about something physical? Like a plush? Or a steel book? A card? Anything but something digital!!!"

Another fumed, "Really not worth pre-ordering for a backpack that isn't even appealing. It doesn't even fit the player's outfit were forced to wear." Arguably, it's Japan that has it the best, getting some limited edition cards that are sure to be worth a pretty penny to scalpers.  It's clear as day that the US bonuses are pretty weak - and fans aren't wasting their time telling The Pokemon Company about it. The Pokemon Center rarely disappoints, but this is a new low.

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