Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonuses Are Well Worth It

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonuses Are Well Worth It
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Joseph Kime


9th Aug 2022 09:39

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are set to be a pretty big deal this year, and will close out the company's 2022 in a seemingly delightful fashion. And, if you're a UK native, you're in luck - because a pre-order bonus that was once exclusive to France is going to be incentivising you to reserve the game.

The Paldea region looks an absolute delight, and though some are still apprehensive that an entirely new generation of Pokemon is coming only a few years after the launch of Pokemon Sword & Shield, the rest of us fell in love with Lechonk at first sight, and cannot wait for the game to reach our shores.


What Is The Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pre-Order Bonus?

UK video game retailer Game has revealed its pre-order bonus for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and it has delighted players that have seen it online forever. The item was first thought to be exclusive to retailers in France, as it has only appeared overseas - but now, luckily for us, it's coming to Game.

The bonus features a model of the game's three starters, Fuecoco, Sprigatito and Quaxly, and it's not only coming to new pre-orders, but existing ones too. So if you've already secured your copy at Game, don't panic - you'll be getting the model too. The bonus applies to the individual games (£49.99 each), as well as the double pack (£99.99). 

The figure was announced on the Game Twitter account, and fans reacted with fervent excitement. Not everyone was happy though. Namely, those in other regions were fuming. "Why do pre-order bonuses hate the US," grumbled one. Each region has their own exclusive pre-orders, but sorry, it looks like only France and the UK are getting the statue this time around. 


When Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Coming Out?

Thankfully, we're growing nearer and nearer to the games, and we don't have that long to wait until we're finally getting our hands on Scarlet & Violet. The games are launching on November 18, just in time for a bombastic holiday release. Both games come at the same time, as per tradition, and we'll be raising our very own Fuecoco, Sprigatito or Quaxly in no time.

The pre-order bonus is adorable, and it's practically already earned its place on our mantle. Move over, family pictures, there's a new squad in town. We're just waiting for somewhere in the world to unveil its Terastalised-inspired Swarovski line of Pokemon figurines... come on, you know it's a money-making scheme waiting to happen. 

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