The Most Trolled Streamers Have Been Confirmed By Stats

The Most Trolled Streamers Have Been Confirmed By Stats
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Joseph Kime


30th May 2022 10:21

It's typical at this stage of the internet - if you're popular, there are a lot of people that hate you. That's just the way it is, unfortunately.

The internet is the Wild West, with very little in the way of rules that keep people from attacking, demeaning and insulting the most popular creators, with YouTube and Twitch being particular examples of this. Twitch's rules are a little all over the place, with streamers getting banned for seemingly nothing, while their chats can go on rinsing them with slurs and bile with little in the way of repercussion.

And now, a new study has discovered which streamers are trolled the most.

New Stats Reveal The Most Trolled Streamers On Twitch

A new study by Ebuyer has discovered the Twitch streamer that gets trolled the most often, as gauged by their following compared with the percentage of comments in their chat that have negative sentiments.

As it turns out, Ibai gets the most hate out of anyone else on the platform according to the report, with a whopping 28.7% of his comments serving as an attack on the streamer. It's a huge percentage of his chat, and it makes for a pretty depressing statistic.

Coming up in second is Elded with 27.9%, with JansSGuarnizio and Rubius following.

TheGrefg and TimTheTatMan tail in 5th and 6th, with NickMercs coming in 11th, TommyInnit in 12th, and Amouranth coming in 17th with a comparatively slim 10% hate rate.

Who's Getting The Least Hate On The Twitch Streamer Trolling List?

Surprisingly, Ninja is one of the least hated streamers on the list, receiving a pretty low 6.84% of negative comments, which is pretty good going for the man who's practically the face of streaming.

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Thankfully, right at the bottom of the list is the official account for the ESL CS:GO league. It's pretty nice that the official account is only getting 3.13% of negative comments, but then again, the account probably has some seriously dedicated mods. At least they're keeping the chat clean.

It's a shame that these streamers are getting trolled at all, but it's interesting to see who's getting the most heat. It looks like Twitch really doesn't like Ibai.


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