Twitch Just Banned An Adult Amazon Prime Twitch Channel

Twitch Just Banned An Adult Amazon Prime Twitch Channel
Twitch | Esto Es Un Late

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Joseph Kime


20th Dec 2021 09:52

Twitch just can't seem to make up its mind about what content can and can't be shown on its platform. Streamers and users alike are frustrated by the site's rules that just never seem to match up.

You effectively give Twitch the final say on if your streaming career lives or dies according to a long list of rules that seem to get vaguer and vaguer. And now - proving how the rules can impede on Twitch itself - the platform has struck itself with a massive self-report.

Twitch Bans Amazon Channel

Twitch Just Banned NSFW Amazon Prime Twitch Channel
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Esto Es Un Late

Yesterday, Twitch suspended the Prime Video España channel on its platform - which might not bode well for higher-ups, because Prime Video is owned by Amazon, and Amazon owns Twitch. Oops.

The channel was streaming the final episode of panel show Esto Es Un Late, starring a few streamers. All was well until the host, comedian Henar Álvarez, proclaimed "We're going for the ban… Let's go, they'll ban us," before lifting up her shirt toward the cameras.

One of the panellists got involved too, and though the camera cut away to try to duck the ban, when it returned, Álvarez did it again and the broadcast was cut. Since then, the channel has been slapped with a ban.

This probably isn't good news for Twitch as it is owned by Amazon, but it's in a sticky situation - does it lift the ban because the channel is owned by its owners and create a new set of rules for Twitch elites, or does Twitch let it fester to the irritation of their bosses?

When Will Prime Video España's Channel Return?

As this is a first time ban, the channel will be reviewed and brought back in 30 days at most - but as this is an Amazon channel, there's every chance the reviews team will be prioritising bringing it back. After all, they've got shareholders to appease.

It's a bummer that Amazon is bound to get preferential treatment, especially when a lot of smaller streamers have suffered harsher fates for much less. Nobody tell Amazon about the DMCA, and we might even get it banned again sooner.


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