Sony Announces VR Horizon Game To Expand Aloy's Story

Sony Announces VR Horizon Game To Expand Aloy's Story
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Joseph Kime


5th Jan 2022 09:58

Virtual reality is a big deal in the wider gaming conversation, but not everyone is entirely convinced of its applications just yet.

Of course, it's fun to slash about in Beat Saber or smack your mates over the head in VR Chat, but a lot of people still think that the limitations to immersion that VR offers isn't enough to be a viable step in video game access yet, despite its many steps forward.

It just needs that extra oomph, and possibly, a drastic price drop to be accessible enough to make the innovations the medium is capable of. But, a new console on the block looks like it could be trying to change that - because PlayStation has announced its new console venture.

PlayStation Reveals PSVR2

After months of speculation, PlayStation has finally revealed the brand-new PSVR2. It has the name that many leaks have suggested it would (though it's not particularly creative), and it promises to be "the next generation of VR gaming on PS5".

The set has been revealed on PlayStation's blog, and unveiled 4K visuals, controller tracking, eye tracking, and a wealth of sensory feedback to mirror the PS5's haptic feedback successes.

The new console hasn't been seen yet, but the full list of features can be found on the PlayStation website. It sounds very exciting, and there's every chance this console could herald a new age for VR - but that might not be the most exciting VR reveal, as a huge video game franchise is getting a VR exclusive title.

Horizon Is Getting A VR Exclusive Game

Just as we're getting excited for Horizon Forbidden West to make its debut on PS5, we've been treated to a new chapter in Aloy's story in VR form, from Guerrilla and Firesprite.

It's a game that has been "designed to push gameplay technology and hardware innovation", and looks incredibly promising, not just as a peek into the world of Horizon, but also as a new entry that will prove the power of next-gen VR.

It's an exciting time to be a fan of VR, and it's clear that PlayStation has some big plans for its next step into the space. Here's hoping that the PSVR2 doesn't suffer the same stock problems as the PS5.


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