Sonic the Hedgehog could be getting a Fall Guys-style game

Sonic the Hedgehog could be getting a Fall Guys-style game
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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2024 12:50

We're in something of a Sonic the Hedgehog boom thanks to the speedster's big splash on the big screen, but in a pretty shocking revelation, attitudes to his games have stayed largely the same.

Gamers know good and well that for every return-to-form belter for the Blue Blur, there's a 3D, bug-laden, clunky disappointment that reminds them that the days of Sonic Adventure 2 are long over (even though that game is a bit of a mess too).

While Sonic can't seem to win for very long, that could be about to change with a new game that appears to be tearing up the Sonic the Hedgehog rulebook.

Sonic has a new game coming - and it’s "similar to Fall Guys"

One leaker has taken to Twitter to claim that there's a new Sonic game on the way - and it may well be familiar in a way we hadn't expected.

The leaker, who has had plenty of valid claims when it comes to the Persona series, has claimed that there's a brand-new Sonic spin-off coming to mobile. That's exciting enough on its own, but add in the idea that it will have gameplay elements that are "similar to Fall Guys," and we're onto a winner.

It’s an interesting claim, but we wouldn’t put it past Sonic Team to give it a crack - if it’s good enough for Nintendo with Kirby’s Dream Buffet, then it’s definitely good enough for Sega.

As the leaker goes on to add that it'll come to both iOS and Android, it seems as though it could be a winning formula. All we have to do is look as far as Stumble Guys to see how well Fall Guys clones can perform on mobile, and if you slap the Sonic iconography over the top of it, SEGA could be laughing all the way to the bank.

Sonic and Fall Guys are tight

Sonic the Hedgehog's special costume in Fall Guys.
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Image via Mediatonic

A Fall Guys-inspired Sonic game makes plenty of sense when you take a look at the relationship between the two properties - Sonic the Hedgehog offered his likeness to Fall Guys for a collection of costumes and cosmetics, but it doesn’t end there. 

Fall Guys even implemented its own event that introduced a mini-game allowing players to run around a Green Hill Zone, collecting as many rings as they can. Maybe SEGA got some inspiration from the collaboration with Mediatonic, or maybe it's even working with the team on this new title.

Only time will tell whether Sonic is lacing up his running shoes for a whole new way to play, but for now, we're willing to get hyped for a title that could upturn the mobile gaming world. Wishful thinking? We hope not.

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