Fall Guys might be getting local multiplayer mode soon

Fall Guys might be getting local multiplayer mode soon

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Tom Chapman


2nd Sep 2020 13:42

Grab the Doritos and pop the popcorn in the microwave because it looks like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could be getting a local multiplayer mode in the near future. While part of the fun of Mediatonic's adorable battle royale title is being matched with 59 other randomers, wouldn't you love to play against you mates and kick their bean asses right off the pitch?

Gamers have been asking for a localised multiplayer mode since Fall Guys bounced into our lives last month, and now, we're one step closer to heaven baby, one step closer to trouncing you!

Part of the fun of party games is the ability to get your friends round and kick each other's butts at your favourite games. When it comes to local multiplayer, Nintendo arguably has it made. Games like Mario Kart and Mario Party are literally made for this kind of gameplay. If Fall Guys wants to give its critics the middle finger and last the test of time, introducing local multiplayer is a logical step for the longevity of the game.

Famed dataminer @thetiny shared a tweet where they think they've cracked the code and discovered Fall Guys local multiplayer hiding in plain sight. According to their tweet, local multiplayer AND bots could be on the horizon. While the idea of introducing PvE is might be a divisive issue, local multiplayer is sure to be a hit with players.

Although Fortnite has some PvE elements with the likes of Henchmen and the new Stark Robots, the whole point of Fall Guys was to be the best of the best while sometimes working with other "human" players. There are already criticisms about the team game elements, so just imagine this if you also throw bots into the mix. That being said, others have said bots would work great for an offline mode or speed up server waiting times when player numbers dip.

Fall Guys Multiplayer
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The latest leaks come after a possible Xbox One-ready version of the game was also found in the code. All in all, it looks like Mediatonic is beavering away under the hood and planning some big steps to make sure Fall Guys isn't just a flash in the pan. Ever since Fall Guys' release, fans have been asking for a split-screen multiplayer so we can brawl those Saturday night away. Even if we aren't quite there yet, it looks like developers are keen to make sure Fall Guys is around for a long time to come.

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