Fall Guys introduces game-changing hammer called Big Yeetus

Fall Guys introduces game-changing hammer called Big Yeetus
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Tom Chapman


3rd Sep 2020 08:59

It's hammer time in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as Season 2 of the bouncy battle royale title is introducing a giant hammer called Big Yeetus. While being "yeeted" forward or backward across the course can make or break your game, Big Yeetus will hopefully give you the edge over the competition.

If Fall Guys wasn't already full to the brim with randomised chaos as we slip down Slime Climb, grab some ouefs in Egg Scramble, and tread carefully in Tip Toe, Big Yeetus is sure to make your life so much better (or worse) in Season 2.

Fall Guys adds hammer called Big Yeetus

If you want to see Big Yeetus in action, Mediatonic showed the giant hammer yeeting players across the map in Dizzying Heights. You have been warned, Big Yeetus is not your friend, they're not your enemy, they're just a chaotic neutral.

This giant pink and white hammer is swinging its way into action, and either way, Big Yeetus' random appearances in levels is guaranteed to be a divisive feature in the next season. 

As the latest clip shows, things have been mixed up in Season 2 as the usual balls that get shot out of the cannons in Dizzying Heights have been replaced by giant watermelons.

While it doesn't seem to fit with the Medieval theme of Season 2, we don't really mind. Dragons, knights, and damsels are all set to be part of the rebranded return to Fall Guys - hopefully proving the game's critics wrong.

The latest "spicy leak" proves that developers plan on tweaking some existing levels with a fresh lick of paint this time around. Alongside a plethora of new skins and levels, there are also reports Fall Guys is "ready to go" on Xbox One, and could also be preparing for localised multiplayer.

Being able to yeet your mates across the map has been a feature players have asked for from day one, meaning it's sure to be a hit with Fall Guys' growing fanbase.

Even if there's a tonne of stuff coming in Season 2, Big Yeetus looks like it could be one of the most chaotic introductions. Talk about throwing a spanner (I mean hammer) in the works. All we need now is a Big Chungus skin - make it happen Mediatonic.

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