Fall Guys Clone, Stumble Guys, Is Topping The iPhone Charts

Fall Guys Clone, Stumble Guys, Is Topping The iPhone Charts
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Joseph Kime


12th Jul 2022 08:53

Once upon a time, "dead game" was the phrase that echoed through the lobbies of Fall Guys. But no longer. The huge and bold changes made to the frantic free-for-all game show title brought it back to life with vigour, making Fall Guys free-to-play and introducing a brand-new battle pass alongside waves upon waves of new players in.

The game is back and better than ever - but some players aren't as allured by the cross-platform and cross-progression shenanigans as others. So much so, that they've made a total rip-off of the most popular game on Apple's app store. Welcome Stumble Guys

What Is Stumble Guys?

Fall Guys Clone, Stumble Guys, Is Topping The iPhone Charts
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A new clone of Fall Guys, aptly titled Stumble Guys which launched a few months after its namesake did, has utterly laid the free game charts to waste on Apple's app store.

The clone has been downloaded over 163 million times, and according to MobileGamer.biz, it has generated a jaw-dropping $21.5 million since it launched.

Stumble Guys saw a huge buff in player numbers a few days after Fall Guys went free-to-play, and it's yet to come down from the hype. It might be a surprising turn for a ripoff game to succeed so much - but it's only there because of a gap in the market.

Where Is Fall Guys Mobile?

It's likely that Stumble Guys is taking over the app store because there are currently no plans for a version for Fall Guys to come to mobile - but that's likely because of behind-the-scenes troubles.

Epic Games is still engaged in a legal dispute with Apple, alleging that the company are engaging in monopolistic practices, especially when it comes to the management of the in-game currency of the mobile version of Fortnite which was removed from the app store as a result of the lawsuit. Still, Fall Guys is still succeeding regardless. Although a mobile version would absolutely smash the charts if it arrived, it seems that Epic Games is happy to let Stumble Guys crack on.

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