Official Fall Guys Skeleton Is Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

Official Fall Guys Skeleton Is Straight Out Of Your Nightmares
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Ford James


20th Dec 2021 15:00

Have you ever wondered what a Fall Guy looks like underneath their soft, squishy, cuddly exterior? The answer is probably no... because that's weird. Now, we're here to answer the question anyway. Problem is, you might not like the answer.

What Do Fall Guys Look Like Under Their Skin?

Created by Tudor Morris, a Senior Concept Artist on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, this theoretical x-ray view inside a Fall Guy reveals that they are essentially aliens. There's no human-inside-a-suit job going on her. The brightly coloured exterior - no matter what it feels like - is their skin.

Fortunately, the tweet does reveal that they're all exactly six feet tall, so if the Fall Guy uprising does begin, humans do stand a chance. This also proves any theories about Fall Guys being especially tiny or enormous wrong.

In the original Instagram post, Morris explains that it's a lunchtime sketch and has no meaning... but the fact it was tweeted out by the official Fall Guys Twitter account and confirmed to be canon means it's definitely truthful. Fall Guys lore is serious stuff.

What's Next For Fall Guys?

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Fall Guys was one of 2020s biggest hits, but over a year on, what's next for the Total Wipeout-esque game? At the time of writing, Santa Jack's challenge is live, which as you'd expect, is Christmas-themed. There are a bunch of new skins coming too, for you to spend all of your hard-earned Kudos on.

Ah well, at least Morris specifies that they're "very happy little beans", presumably satisfied running the gauntlet over, and over, and over, and over again.


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