Fall Guys anti-cheat will use the same system as Fortnite

Fall Guys anti-cheat will use the same system as Fortnite
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7th Sep 2020 08:44

Mediatonic is taking steps with cheaters Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and is taking a leaf out of Epic Games' book with its own anti-cheat. In a divisive step, the Fall Guys anti-cheat system will be exactly the same as Fortnite's. Despite Fall Guys' junior status and August release, Mediatonic has vowed to keep adapting the bouncing battle royale game and refine its gameplay.

With big names like Michael "shroud" Grzesiek worrying about the potential future of the game, the developers are determined to prove Fall Guys has the chops to go all the way. As well as the reveal of the Medieval-themed Season 2 and a tonne of new content, there's plenty going on behind the scenes of Slime Climb, Dizzying Heights, and Whirlygig. 

Fall Guys opts for Fortnite anti-cheat

Posting on Twitter, Mediatonic made the major announcement. The team explained, "We’re really sorry about the cheating problem! We’re expanding the current detection system this week to improve things". Discussing when we can expect the update, the tweet continued, "We also have a BIG update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as Fortnite". 

While news of a Fall Guys anti-cheat is a major coup, the connection to Fortnite is sure to be a controversial one. Epic Games hasn't exactly wowed with its own anti-cheat, and there have been huge complaints about cheaters in Fortnite.

Still, surely it's better than sneaky players glitching across the map and ruining the Fall Guys experience for everyone? Epic has become known for using the dual aspects of Anti-Cheat and BattlEye. Although they aren't perfect, it's better than nothing. 

Fall Guys Season 2
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Fall Guys grabbed headlines from day one and quickly amassed a giant following to become the most downloaded game (ever) on the PlayStation Plus Store, it's no surprise a few cheaters have slipped through the net. Still, that doesn't excuse cheating in-game, and it's great that Mediatonic is trying to stop them in their tracks. 

Either way, it sounds like the anti-cheat system will be in place in time for Fall Guys Season 2. There are sure to be a few teething problems when the Fall Guys anti-cheat comes into play, so we'll have to wait and see how things work when Mediatonic rolls out its next big update.

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