Gameplay Of The Sonic Fall Guys Level Has Leaked, And It Looks Too Fun To Handle

Gameplay Of The Sonic Fall Guys Level Has Leaked, And It Looks Too Fun To Handle
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Joseph Kime


22nd Jul 2022 13:56

Fall Guys is enjoying a massive winning streak at the moment, finally getting its playerbase back up to where we saw it during its height in the pandemic. The game is an absolute ruckus by design, and it seems to be taking notes from its free-to-play brothers and sisters in the industry. Primarily, reading the Fortnite book of pop-culture crossovers.

Fall Guys has enjoyed appearances from the likes of Godzilla, Master Chief, and 2B among others, and with upcoming leaked crossovers with WWE, Death's Door and Fatal Fury on the way, it looks like the team aren't ready to slow down.

And now, a new crossover game mode has been revealed by a leak - and it looks fantastic.

Sonic's Bean Hill Zone Has Been Leaked For Fall Guys

The long-awaited Bean Hill Zone level from an unknown upcoming Sonic crossover coming to Fall Guys has finally had its gameplay leaked by Twitter user Pancake, and it looks like a fresh new way to play the game with a nice new coat of paint.

The level is a concealed arena, with leapers styled like Sonic's bumpers, pipes scattered around the place and formed into loops, as well as rings scattered around on the ground.


It's expected that these rings mean that the game mode itself will focus on collecting these rings, with those who pass a certain threshold first moving onto the next round.

The map is very dedicated to the aesthetic of Sonic, and quite frankly, we can't wait to get our hands on it.

Fall Guys Is Getting New Sonic Skins

It's not just the new map making the upcoming Sonic crossover exciting - there are also new skins joining the existing Sonic and Knuckles costumes.

According to the leak that revealed a wealth of new crossover costumes, buried inside are skins of Super Sonic, Tails, and Eggman - so it's thought that these new cosmetics will launch with the new game mode.

This crossover is shaping up to be the biggest yet from Fall Guys, and we're incredibly keen to get to give it a spin ourselves.

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