Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Leak Showcases Paldea

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Leak Showcases Paldea
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Joseph Kime


27th Jul 2022 13:38

There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to a mainline Pokemon game. It's true of all of them, but especially of Scarlet and Violet. The new games look like they could become the next essential Pokemon outing, and now, we've potentially got our first look at the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet map.

The Pokemon series has been on the up in recent years - finally narrowing in on experiences that fans have been desperate to try for years. We've always wanted to run around an open region, and as Scarlet and Violet seem to be making good on this, we hope you'll be able to dart around the map with your pals and catch Pokemon as you go.

What Is The Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Map Leak? 

A new leak from a notorious leaker has surfaced, and it gives us our very first leak at the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet map, with a closer look at the new region from the upcoming Gen 9. 

The leak comes courtesy of Centro Leaks, and it follows from a previous leak that was only offered to us in text. PoryLeaks revealed some incredibly blurry images of what looks like the outline of a map. The images were taken down along with PoryLeaks' account, which some think proves the leaks are legit. Either way, now Centro Leaks has shared the images on Twitter.

The map snaps don't exactly offer us much in the way of info, but this does look to be an official image as a result of PoryLeaks' stripping from the internet. If you put your glasses on and squint hard enough, it's possible to make out certain areas which we guess will be the city hubs of Paldea (if that's what the region will be called). 


When Are Scarlet And Violet Coming Out?

All things considered, these new looks at the game are pretty meagre. Thankfully, the games aren't that far off, so we won't actually have to wait that long to see the map for ourselves. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are making their way to Nintendo Switch on November 18, so our own adventures across Paldea are just around the corner.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet map leak comes after we've heard certain starter Pokemon probably won't appear in-game, as well as the much-hyped tease of what Gen 9's three starters will finally evolve into. This map drop might not be something that massively illuminates the upcoming games, but it's a great sign of things to come. So, what's next in the smorgasbord of Pokeleaks?

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